Ireland – June 22-29, 2019

Know Who You Really Are

Imagine spending 7 days in a remote fishing village on Ireland’s wild west coast eating great food, walking 5 thousand-year-old paths, and listening to live haunting music. Imagine reflecting in that environment on where you have come from, where you are and where you want to be. Develop and nurture your Soulset™.

You are much more than your name, where you were born and what you do. Uncover who you really are.

Go deeper than clarity and achieve a deep sense of knowing.

Connect with your truth and align with who you are at the core.

The Work

While the experiences and inspiring location all add to the journey we are there to do really powerful work. The work we will be doing has been carefully crafted and woven into the overall experience to unlock truth from within. All the photos, laughs and memories are a bonus, but it is the Soulset™ you will bring home that is the real magic.

The experiences we add to the journey are all designed to support you in getting grounded and in touch with the deeper creative imagination that often lies dormant in our busy lives.

  • Reflect on where you’ve come from, where you are, and where you want to go
  • Develop Soulset™. Quiet your busy mind, awaken your soul and uncover you’re deep intuitive nature
  • Tap into your abundance of creativity and clarity that currently lies dormant inside of you
  • Decode the difference between your noisy mind and the subtle whisper of your soul
  • Experience the beauty and wonder of the west coast of Ireland, all the while discovering yourself in a deeper way than you ever imagined
  • Connect deeply with yourself and see how that allows you to connect with others


We will introduce you to our friends who will inspire you and make you feel welcome. They are part of our team on the ground in Ireland. They will move you with their singing, their raw unwavering love for the land and their beautiful Irish wit.

By the end of the week, these amazing people, will also be your friends.


The location

The experience will be held in the heart of the Burren landscape in County Clare on Ireland’s west coast. Breathtaking landscape drenched in history with human-made structures dating back 5,600 years, before the Pyramids were even an idea!

We will be staying in a tiny fishing village on the rugged coastline where we will mingle with the locals. Philip’s ancestors have lived in County Clare for hundreds of years and it is the place Philip has come for inspiration all of his life.

Investment / Inclusions

• The price of the program is $9,950 USD.

• 7 Nights accommodation in traditional thatched cottages

• Local ground transport in Co.Clare

• Some meals included

• Cultural experiences!

PLEASE NOTE: Flight costs are NOT included in the experience investment.

This Experience Is For You If

• You are looking to recharge and awaken your soul

• You are seeking to tap into the creativity that lies dormant within

• You want to develop, trust and ultimately follow your natural intuition

• You feel there’s more to life, and know you deserve more but are unclear how to attain it


BraveSoul is a time to take space, connect with yourself and unlock your Soulset. There will be sessions with Philip, stunning hikes as well as reflective time alone. Philip will guide you through a week of self-discovery and take you to a place where you will be more in touch with your SoulSet™. Only Philip knows the exact itinerary, so make sure you come with an open mind, and be ready for safe and wonderful “surprises” during your 7-day experience.

Know Who You Really Are