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Philip has taken his live BraveMind experience and put it online!!!

Know Where You’re Going

This online program will help give you clarity on the road ahead so you can consistently make better and more authentic decisions. Identify roadblocks and patterns that get in the way. Learn strategies to get out of your head and trust your intuition.

Identify and breakthrough the roadblocks (seen and unseen) that hold you back.

Gain intuitive clarity so your decisions are always in alignment with who you are.

Feel the freedom that comes with having a clear direction and take action to achieve it.


Phillip is one of the most, if not THE most brilliant “coach” I have ever encountered, in person or on television (yes, that even includes amazing individuals like Tony Robbins). His intuition and ability to reach the core of your situations/problems is absolutely mind-boggling, and your head will probably feel “boggled” after working with him, but in the most amazing, uplifting way.

– Andrew V


Program Length – 4 weeks.

  • 4 x 75 minute live coaching sessions with Philip and the group. Calls will be recorded and provided for replay however the intent of this program is to be interactive so your live participation on the calls is appreciated.
  • Content “Homework” including an audio message from Philip will be sent out in advance of the live calls.
  • Participants will have access to a Member Portal webpage with call dates, Content/Homework dates, Faq’s and call recordings.
  • The only requirement to participate in this program is to have a new journal (any journal will do).

Exploration & Breakthrough

This is an opportunity to stop and take stock of your life. During the first part of this program, we will explore any current challenges that you are facing and roadblocks you feel are getting in your way.

We will examine the underlying patterns that are perhaps undermining your ability to move forward and make better decisions.

Breakthrough some limiting beliefs about who you are and what you can achieve or deserve.

Visioning & Action

In the last part of this program, we will begin to explore what’s possible for you in ways you cannot see on your own.

Identify what is preventing you from being clear and making better decisions in business and in life.

Create a vision for the life you want.

Identify the actions you need to take in order to achieve that vision.

Get clear how to execute that action.

Live Coaching Dates

Philip’s content “homework” emails will be delivered before the live calls, which will include an audio message from Philip as well as information you will need to prepare for each live coaching sessions outlined below.

Live Coaching Call dates:

  • Monday March 1st, 2021
  • Monday March 8th, 2021
  • Monday March 15th, 2021
  • Monday March 22nd, 2021

Time of call:

9am MST (Denver/Calgary)

11am EST (Toronto/New York)

8am PST (Vancouver/Los Angeles)

4pm* BST (London/Dublin) *(note time will move to 3pm after March 14th due to daylight savings)


Investment / Inclusions

• The price of the program is $950 (currently we are offering this at $450, spaces limited)

• 4 weeks online clarity intensive, live with Philip McKernan, next date starts March 1st, 2021.

This Experience Is For You If

• You are currently or soon to be in transition

• You feel out of alignment in an area of your life

• You have to make a decision but feel stuck

• You are tired and/or overwhelmed

• You are struggling with one or more relationships

• You are ready for change even if you don’t know where to start

Know Where You’re Going

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