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Are you an entrepreneur or leader who has achieved a degree of success, and want to move from focusing on money to focusing on meaning?

Do you believe deep down you are destined for a higher purpose, read on…

If you connect with at least 3 of the following statements then you’re in the right place.

  • I want to align the essence of who I am to meaningful work in the world
  • I know deep down I have the capacity to move the needle for others
  • I am ready to step out into the world and become more visible
  • I want to lead an unapologetic life where I care less what others think of me
  • I would love to have a group of other BraveLeaders to challenge me to not only dream bigger, but believe bigger, and support me when I get crippled with doubt, confusion or fear
  • I want to clarify or simplify what I do or how I do it  

and I also believe the time is now.

If so…then welcome to BraveLeader


A BraveLeader is someone who knows who they are at the core, and their essence is deeply aligned with how they are in the world. They show up unapologetically and have the courage to keep doing it. A BraveLeader stands for something. They don’t shy away from planting their flag in the ground and saying, this is where I stand. 

When you align deep self awareness with where you are gifted and the impact you want to make, you become an unstoppable, insatiable leader. You will not only change your world, you will change the world.

Your gift is what you have inherently inside you and is on loan from the universe. Your gift has the power to influence future generations, it’s the legacy you live and leave behind, and you are but a steward of this gift, with a limited time to use it.

Why was BraveLeader created?

I am and have always been obsessed with the untapped and unlived potential in people. Some of the greatest visionaries and artists have died with their best ideas and their greatest music locked away inside them. This deprives the world and will not happen on my watch.

My gift is to see the potential in others, and draw that out. I’m a talent spotter and I can see what people are capable of, often before they can.

I want to create an environment where I get to support and challenge people today so they become the leaders of tomorrow. In essence, I’m creating the environment that I wish I had when starting out on my personal mission.

If you want to become a BraveLeader, I relish the opportunity to serve you!



BraveLeader is an environment where you will be beautifully supported and unconditionally challenged. The journey is a giant invitation to show up like never before in every facet of your life. To go beyond what you can imagine for yourself, and the mark you can make.

At BraveLeader, we will focus on 3 pillars:

  1. You – supporting you to be become the leader you are destined to be and living the best version of yourself
  2. Alignment – aligning who you are at you are your core to all that you do in the world
  3. Visibility – show up unapologetically and amplify authentically

 The 6 Elements of an aligned BraveLeader:

  1. Leader – Yes, that’s you! Sometimes you may struggle to really see yourself as a leader, or to define a clear vision that invites you to believe bigger than ever before. If you are human, you will inevitably struggle with patterns that are either ever present, or creep up just as you have real momentum. Breaking through these micro and macro patterns is critical if you are to become the leaders you are destined to be. 
  2. Deeper Purpose – A vision that is born out of your deeper purpose can lead you to create something that goes beyond your own limiting beliefs of what you are capable of becoming. BraveLeader will be a safe container to dream, share, collaborate and experiment with a grander future; one where you go beyond yourself to serve humanity like never before. This is where aligning your story to the impact you want to make changes everything.
  3. Stewardship – We all have unique superpowers that we categorize as our unique gifts and talents. Most modern day leaders are aware of or operate from their talents, a BraveLeader harnesses their gifts in addition to their talents to move the needle for others. These gifts are on loan, and we are but stewards of them. 
  4. Energy – Alignment of purpose and giftedness brings a deep sense of aliveness. We will focus beyond this to self care, vitality, alignment and how you treat your body. How you look and feel is part of your identity and therefore your personal brand. Afterall, we need you to be at your best to go out there and lead.
  5. Road Map – This is where you map out the journey you want to go on and the one you want people to join you on. As a BraveLeader, you will not simply react to the market. You will align who you are, with what you have lived and create a set of beliefs around that lived experience. From there your philosophy emerges. When you shape the philosophy into a journey people can join, you will know you are deeply aligned and living on purpose. 
  6. Visibility – A BraveLeader speaks from a deeper well. You will stand for something and uncover the language to move people to join you. BraveLeaders care deeply for humanity but care less what people think of them. At BraveLeader we will push you to go deeper inside yourself and emerge into the world as a prolific leader by the very way you hold yourself, you draw people in. 


BraveLeader will be delivered in 5 ways:

1. Monthly Big Conversation

Monthly connection on a hot topic.

  • 75 minute session delivered via zoom*
  • Group discussions
  • Q&A
  • Hosted by Philip

2. Monthly Spotlight Call

Powerful personalized group coaching, just for you.

  • Monthly 60 minute session delivered via zoom*
  • Member presentation
  • Personal Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Hosted by Philip

3. Superpower Deep Dive Intensive

Develop or deepen core leaderships skills, from a different angle. Less formulaic and more feeling. Less intellect and more intuition. Less mindset and more SoulSet™.

  • Superpower Intensive Workshops to develop and deepen core skills
  • 2 online workshops to really drill down on a subject
  • Follow up integration call

4. BraveLeader Live

Gather together for 2.5 days of in-person masterminding.

  • 2 x 2.5 day in-person live events in North America per annum
  • Mastermind with other BraveLeaders
  • Hone BL skills
  • Alignment check in 

5. The BraveClan Portal

Includes Membership of BraveClan – an online space for the community. 

  • Find dates, events and other pertinent info
  • Access previous call recordings
  • Connect with other members and have confidential conversations
  • Philip will also share philosophies, ideas, etc 

BraveLeader Retreat (potential)

We will look at multiple ways to further enhance the experience including a potential annual BraveLeader Retreat. This will be based on a combination of the needs and the appetite of the group.

*call schedule will change in the months of the live events and deep dives. We will have no calls or events in August.


Show Up  – We expect you to attend the calls and participate in at least one BraveLeader live event per annum, and by that we mean being engaged and leaning in. 

Coachability – It’s not enough to be in the room. Leaders are strong, however, are often very attached to the ways things are or have been. My job is to challenge and support you. I don’t need to be right all the time. I ask you to take the same approach and let go in the room. Trust me and the other BraveLeaders.

Experiment – Experiment, experiment, experiment. Not much more to say on this. Did I mention experiment? A willingness to try something and fail if necessary. 

Give – You will be expected to give to the other BraveLeaders. Why?

1. To help you find and hone your language around what you know and what is emerging for you.

2. Continue to cultivate your confidence. We all need to do this.

3. To aid in creating an intimate community of leaders where scarcity has no place.

4. Because others will do that for you and act as a board of advisors to you.

5. It feels good.

Accountability – You will keep others accountable and you will be held accountable. Always in a loving, safe and supportive manner. 

If you aren’t fully committed, you will be asked to leave the group.


STEP 1: Attend BraveSoul

A prerequisite to attending BraveLeader is to have attended BraveSoul first. This ensures we are working with like minded individuals, in a meaningful setting to understand each and every person, so that we can better challenge, support, and serve you. (See BraveSoul for more info)

STEP 2: Fill out this form

BraveLeader Questionnaire

STEP 3: We will review your form and be in touch.

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