This experience is for previous BraveSoul attendees only.
Ireland – May 27-31, 2019
BraveHeart Interest

Know Your Why

This 5-day experience was crafted for those who deep-down feel there is more and believe they have a calling that is bigger than themselves. Let’s wake that dormant vision up and play with it.

Go beyond your talent and (re)connect to your unique gift.

Discover why your gift matters and how to use it to create an impact in the world today.

Create a clear vision of a meaningful legacy and live (not leave) that legacy today.


Simon Sinek has the greatest theoretical and academic understanding of helping you with your why.

Philip McKernan is the best in the world at doing it.


Why are you really here? This question has haunted humanity for the longest time and is at the very core of the work we will do at BraveHeart.

The whole idea of ‘finding’ your passion assumes that it has to be found in the first place. To find something implies it’s lost or its out there somewhere. Philip believes your passion lies within.

  • You will discover the difference between your gift and your talent
  • You will explore how we often mix up excitement with passion and then wonder why the spark has diminished over time
  • You will learn how to pivot within an existing business to reignite that spark
  • You will be challenged to reduce the negative self-talk and discover that it in no way will dilute your drive
  • Connect with yourself and begin to uncover your why


Ireland’s Beautiful West Coast


Investment / Inclusions

• The price of the program is $6,900 USD

• 5 Day Experience

• 6 Nights Accommodation 

• Some Meals

• BraveJournal

This Experience Is For You If

  • You believe deep down that you are destined for more
  • You truly want to make an impact while you are here
  • You want to become a better leader on and off the ice
  • You coach or want to coach others
  • You want to stop hiding and stand out
  • You want to get clear on your message in this world

Know Your Why

BraveHeart Interest

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