Research shows that couples wait 5 years too late to work on their relationship. Invest the time and energy today so you build a better relationship for tomorrow. This enriching experience is for couples who refuse to settle.

BraveCouple has been developed for entrepreneurial couples, where one or both parties are entrepreneurial by nature. It’s for couples who want to be intentional and not leave the depth of their relationship to chance.

(re)Connect to what attracted you to each other, deepen your relationship and stay connected.

Be the couple who grow together, not apart. Learn how to lift each other up and be your partners best cheerleader.

Honour and support each other’s individual dreams, and at the same time build a vision for the future that supports you both collectively.


BraveCouple is an opportunity to take time out and invest in your most meaningful external relationship. This experience is not about ‘fixing’ the relationship, rather, deepening it.

BraveCouple is open to couples whose relationships are not broken but perhaps are not as deep as they could be. Many people settle for a relationship they ‘think’ is fine or good when something more meaningful and rewarding could be escaping them.

This is a time to come together in an intentional and safe environment to ask wonderful questions, be curious and imagine the possibilities ahead.

At BraveCouple:

  • Explore how you can imagine the world of possibilities as an individual while remaining connected to your partner.
  • Get a greater understanding of your partner and how they communicate.
  • Break deeper generational patterns. Recognize the patterns you and your partner bring to your relationship and understand their impact. 
  • How do you balance your needs with your partner’s needs? Learn how to be selfish and loving at the same time.
  • Remember what originally brought you together. This often gets diluted in an ever increasingly busy world.
  • Learn how to grow individually and collectively at the same time. It’s about living the life you want without feeling you’re compromising who you are at the core. 
  • Discover how to deal with polar opposite parenting ideals.
  • Learn how do you hold the space for your partner to grow, without them feeling the overwhelming pressure to change.
  • Explore why expectations, despite their good intentions, can create or contribute to a feeling of ‘I’m never enough’.
  • We will share what works best for us, and also where we fail miserably. Additionally, we will have a daily ‘Power Hour’ where other Entrepreneurial Power Couples share some of the highs and lows of their relationship and what works for them.

The Entrepreneurial Dichotomy

Let’s face it, deeply driven Entrepreneurs are the ones that are pushing humanity forward. They are the most unique business beasts that often combine innovative business acumen with audacious goals to change the world. They get shit done. They often make intuitive decisions or deeply calculated ones in real-time backed up by detailed data. They like to be in control. They often seek out advice, however, at the end of the day, they want to do it their way.

Here’s the problem, when they bring this skill set home, they often attempt to use their intellectual business problem-solving talent to address what is often an emotionally charged scenario at home. The result? Chernobyl.

This often results in one or two outcomes:

  1. ongoing conflict around life decisions, such as parenting, work hours, family time, financial decision making, etc.
  2. that driven entrepreneur loses themselves more in their work as it’s the place they feel they derive significance from. It’s also the place they feel in control.

This is not right or wrong, it’s simply what they know. At BraveCouple, we will explore this in a constructive manner.


Co. Clare, Ireland.


What if I’m struggling with the idea of leaving my kids for multiple days?

We know from experience that the greatest beneficiaries of any couple taking a step back from a busy life to work on themselves, is their children. I would go as far as to say that we as parents not just have a moral obligation to work on our relationship, we are selfish if we don’t. I say this from a place of love and support.

What if my Partner is hesitant?

Often one partner is either afraid to be exposed, or believes there is nothing to work on and therefore feels the relationship does not need any attention. The experience is designed around self-exploration and no one will be put on the spot or feel exposed. As for the idea that one’s relationship does not need attention, with respect, smells of complacency. I know, because I would have felt the same when I look back. We have worked with hundreds of couples and we have not once, ever found, that there is no further awareness or deeper understanding of each other available to us.

What is included?

  • Program delivered by Philip and Pauline McKernan
  • All experiences and materials
  • Accommodation in a shared traditional Irish thatched cottage
  • Local transportation
  • Most meals (breakfast plus lunch or dinner each day)
  • Integration following the experience

This experience is for you if

  • You and your partner have a good relationship, however, want to ensure it is the best it can be.
  • You and/or your partner is an entrepreneur or business leader
  • You are open and coachable
  • You both want to be there

What is the Investment?

Price on Application

Where do we Stay?

In a fishing village on Irelands West Coast.

How do we get there?

The location is 1 hour from Shannon International Airport and 2.5 hours from Dublin International Airport – both airports are well connected with direct flights to North America and Europe. There are numerous options for getting from the airport to the location – we will assist you with the options.

What is the Itinerary?

We begin on Monday afternoon, May 15th, and depart Friday, May 19th, 2023. Note: we don’t give out a detailed itinerary in advance, however, we will provide a packing list so you are ready to participate fully in the experience.

Is there any Pre Work?

We will ask you to complete a short questionnaire in advance of the experience. It should take no more than 10 mins to complete.


“Just amazing Philip, thank you for that unique and extraordinary experience. Every couple, young or old should do BraveCouple.” ~ Dave Brett

“I really thought we had a good relationship before we went to the retreat … I had no idea how much better it could be.” ~ Julie Broad

“I was personally blown away! Next month with be 14 years we’ve been married, and I can honestly say with 100% sincerity that this is the closest I have ever felt to my wife. I feel our relationship is going to go to a whole other level because of this. If you’re a person who cares about your relationship and are always seeking to improve it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sign up for this. I would do this again in a heartbeat!” ~ Daryl Hicks

“I didn’t believe I needed to come to BraveCouple since I didn’t see any problems in my marriage. But after attending, it’s opened up my eyes to what I need to do to take my marriage from good to great!” ~ Nadine Ho

“After BraveCouple, I feel closer to my husband, more in love with him, and I feel like we have such a beautiful journey ahead of us that I am excited to embark upon. I have a lot of respect for Philip. Without him we wouldn’t have been able to get there ourselves. We didn’t have the tools. This has been a beautiful experience to me, and I really look forward to the rest of my marriage!” ~ Sheba Sadiki

“This was the perfect opportunity to really dive deep into the most important relationship in my life, and invest the time with someone like Philip who is an expert in relationships, in an effort to enhance our relationship. New things came out in this experience that we didn’t know.” ~ Joey Coleman

“If you want to have a healthy relationship, these are the things you HAVE to do. There were a ton of happy tears and breakthroughs. We thought we had a healthy relationship, but it’s just so much stronger as a result of having come to BraveCouple. You HAVE to do this … you HAVE to!” ~ Jason Atkins


The Work we will do is very powerful. That said, it’s what you do with the work that makes the greatest impact moving forward in your life.

We have designed a simple but engaging integration program to support you after the live experience.

Part 1 – Private Group Call with Philip and Pauline

Philip will host a post group call discussion. He will share some insights to help support you integrate the work into your life and your life into the work on returning home. This will take place approximately 4 – 6 weeks after the event.

Part 2 – Ongoing BraveClan Calls

You will be invited into the ongoing BraveClan calls where you will get to meet and hear from other Brave People.

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