Universal Truths of a Meaningful Life

Universal Truths of a Meaningful Life

“If you don’t find comfort in your own skin you will never find comfort in the world.
Don’t expect the world to accept you for who you are, when you don’t.”

If you’re familiar with me and my work, you know I often speak about the importance of overcoming personal obstacles, gaining clarity, and cultivating the confidence to believe in yourself.

And while I’ve worked with everyone from housewives to Olympic athletes, TV personalities to entrepreneurs, people who’ve gone bankrupt to billionaires, and everything in between, I’ve uncovered a few universal truths:

  • Most people (unknowingly) have a dysfunctional relationship with money
  • Most people are unable to get in touch with their own deep intuition
  • Most people have a challenge gaining the authentic clarity needed to live a meaningful life

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