The Work  

Who We Are

We are a boutique coaching company that support leaders and entrepreneurs to lead a better life, personally and professionally. We work with people who have a genuine desire to leave the world in a better place than they found it.

We are a small dedicated team that thrives on the results our clients achieve when they step into our work. We believe deeply in this work, and live what we teach.

However, first and foremost we are parents, children, and uniquely flawed humans in our own beautiful way.

All we ask is that you lean in halfway, and we will meet you with all of who we are.

What We Believe

We believe that one’s fulfillment and happiness is a byproduct of their relationship to three key areas of life.

Transformation Triad

Self – A deep sense of self-awareness, clarity, confidence, and the courage to show up unapologetically each and every day.

Work – To be aligned to meaningful work that is an extension of who you are. To lead from a deep authentic place to inspire your team. To match your WHY to work that lights you and the world up.

Others – To connect deeply with people and allow them to see all of you. To love and allow yourself to be loved. To live (not leave) a deep and meaningful legacy along the way.

We believe that you have all the answers, not us. However, we are brilliant at helping you navigate the explorative work required to allow the essence of you to emerge. We call this SoulSet™.

The Work We Do

odesseyWe create experiences that ignite the soul to new possibilities.

We invite you to embark on a journey into yourself, and therefore out of yourself. We invite you to (re)discover who you really are, the gift you have inherently inside you, and the impact you can make in the world.

We will support you to examine the patterns that operate deep inside you that support you and identify other patterns that get in the way of your growth. We will challenge you to go beyond yourself and consider what’s possible for you and how you can show up more fully. We will help you examine the roadblocks seen and unseen that hold you back. We will ask you to begin to examine and play with your gift which is not the same as your talent. It’s on loan from the universe so let’s use it.

We will help you identify the gaps, heal the wounds and bridge the conversations. We help people feel more at peace, experience greater clarity about the future and deepen relationships within themselves and others.

Experience real flow and leave uncertainty behind.

How We Do This

We do this important work at live intimate experiences for people who deep down believe they are destined for more. People come from all over the world to grow and contribute, at our pioneering live experiences.

We have run experiences all over the world including the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Peru, India, and Guatemala.

They range in length from inspiring evening events to 10-day brave adventures in wild places. All the experiences are designed with certain themes to help people better navigate this beautiful and sometimes daunting human experience.

We attract individual leaders, couples, parent/children and organizations to our work.

Have a look at our upcoming live experiences here.

Philip’s Personal Approach

Philip McKernanPhilip creates a safe but challenging space for people to ask the rights questions, at the right time, and therefore receive the right answers. Philip has an innate ability to work with someone and join the dots from the past, present, and future. He is able to see patterns in people that they simply cannot see on their own. He goes beyond the clutter and noise and sees a path ahead for his clients, however, allows them to identify it within themselves.

His decisiveness and emotional clarity sometimes feels abrasive to some, as they mistakenly see this as confrontation. On the contrary, this is exactly how Philip brings resolution to the table so we can get beyond the surface conversation.

Philip encourages the conversation around what’s possible. He wants you to go beyond what you know about yourself, and the world you inhabit so you can begin to connect to who you can be. This allows you to strip away the societal expectations and break free to imagine and dream of the future without limits. Philip is a visionary and has a unique ability to anticipate as well as visualize a better future for those who work with him in person. He organically pushes people to dream into the future, and identify the steps that must be taken today to make that a reality.

Philip sees people as unique individuals that are deeply connected to each other. He is able to see peoples unique gifts and is able to bring out the best in them. Philip does not judge people and will meet you exactly where you are in life, and take it from there.

For more on Philip, click here!

Be Brave. You Matter.

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