“Often we need to let go of the things we know, in order to discover who we are.” ~ Philip McKernan In this fourth edition of the ‘Ask Philip’ series, Pauline and I tackled your questions about: Dealing with social anxiety The age-old question, “what the hell should I do with my life?” Making the transition from mindset to ‘soulset’ Letting go of ‘things’ And more! Enjoy… If I didn’t get to your question yet, don’t worry as I will be shooting more of these videos. If you haven’t asked me a question yet, but would like to, feel free to CLICK HERE and do so now. If you liked this ‘Ask Philip’ video, please feel free to spread the message and share this video with your friends and family....

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Posted By on Apr 3, 2013

Before you dismiss this important question please take the time to watch the video. Its slightly longer than I would normally record, but then again this is a serious topic. I have yet to meet a person who is not settling in an area of their life and its generally driven by fear or a lack of self worth. As I often say……………”we give ourselves what we feel we deserve in life“. And as always I ask you to share this video if you feel this is an important...

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Posted By on Feb 25, 2013

Many of the greatest breakthroughs and insights I have gleaned from life happened with the support of a 3rd party who could see, or helped me to see something in my own life. We are often way too close or in some way don’t want to see the truth about something that is simply holding us back, or not serving us in life. In this video I share a simple but powerful story to illustrate the power of seeing your life in a way that supports positive change which in turn yields positive results. If you like the video please share it! If you think its crap, don’t tell anyone...

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Back to Your Future

Posted By on Oct 10, 2012

“People who only look forward, are blind” – Philip McKernan People who are always moving, always busy and don’t stop, are running from something. Whether that’s something in their past or something in their reality, they think if they keep moving they will stay ahead. Wrong! Despite that fact that there is little logic to this, when you stop and look back you can actually see further. Our stories leave clues which remain uncovered unless we look for them. In this video I try to explain the importance of looking (not lingering) in your past and how it will affect your future. PLEASE SHARE IF YOU...

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