“When you shift your value, everything else follows.” In this edition of the Limitless Business Podcast, Scott Oldford and Kaye Putnam from @GoInfinitus chat with me about what it truly means to be successful in your life. In this episode you’ll learn (amongst other things…): You don’t have to wait until you have money to be happy We don’t have the relationships that we think do: not with others, not with ourselves The biggest stumbling block to being happy is ‘needing to know’ how to be happy You need to be able to face your own reality Why 99% of people have an issue with money… and why most people don’t step back to recognize it What matters is ‘WHY?’ – when you know that you know what’s driving your engine “Our whole definition of what success is, is completely and utterly screwed” People typically don’t know who they are Improve the value someone has of themselves and everything else will improve The biggest ‘bully’ that we face everyday is the one in the mirror And a whole lot more… Enjoy… If you liked what you heard in this podcast, feel free to share it and pass it...

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