“In the absence of clarity, take action!” ~ Philip McKernan In my work, I like to flip things on their head from time to time. So in the spirit of “mixing things up” a bit, it was finally time for you to put me in the hot seat and ask me anything at all that you’d like an answer to. In this first edition of the ‘Ask Philip’ series, I answered your questions about Intuition, Self Sabotage, Our Authentic Truths and Overcoming Negativity. Enjoy… If I didn’t get to your question yet, don’t worry as I will be shooting more of these videos. If you haven’t asked me a question yet, but would like to, feel free to CLICK HERE and do so now. If you liked this ‘Ask Philip’ video, please feel free to spread the message and share this video with your friends and family....

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Finding Meaning In Your Life

Finding Meaning In Your Life

Posted By on Aug 5, 2014

I was interviewed recently about my new book and finding meaning in YOUR LIFE. In the interview Barry McDonagh and I talk about the difference between Passion and Meaning and how excitement can confuse us. Here is the audio of the interview. More info on Barry and his work can be found at...

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Posted By on Jan 10, 2014

The journey of being Authentic in Life has been a destination for many people who’s awareness has allowed them to see the power of living a real life. Authenticity is simply the opportunity of living ones own truth. It requires us to dig deep, question our current path and find the courage to make course corrections. In my work I use the lenses of the 3 core elements of life to support and challenge people to create more meaning in their lives. Work – Our relationship to the work we do Self – Our relationship to ourselves Others – Our relationship to others In this video I challenge you to bring authenticity into your business pursuits, and demand it from others. The days of being mislead or misleading others by words or our silence are...

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The 4 Types of Beliefs

Posted By on Oct 17, 2013

What if the beliefs you carry, hold onto, live and stand behind are not yours? What if you have beliefs that you are unaware of that hold you back from achieving the things you truly want? In this video I share the 4 different types of beliefs I come across in people every day that serve and undermine them. PLEASE SHARE THIS...

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Are you someone who is looking for an intimate partner to walk this earth with or are you someone who may be in a relationship that may not be as authentic as you feel it could be? In this video Philip open up the conversation about the strategies being used to find the ‘perfect’ partner and how it might come back to bite you. Please share if you...

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Posted By on Jul 4, 2013

The legendary wine maker Peter Lehmann passed away last week leaving a legacy of great wine, myth and a lesson that strategy can come from the heart and not just the head in business. A man who is famous as much for the way he treated people, as he is for his wine, PL wines came to be by accident but as you may know, there are no accidents! Share if you...

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Posted By on Feb 5, 2013

This is the first time I have ever posted another video on my site! I believe the time has come that the famous, the rich, the successful, the gurus, the olympians, the authors, the speakers, the stars, and the others we have placed on pedestals for years to allow us to see the truth of their lives. As I have said for years its not that we are mislead by what they are saying but rather mislead by what they are not telling us. This leads millions of people to emulate their hero’s but we only get to see or hear from 50% of the hero. Then we are left wondering years down the road 1) why am I not happy? 2) why did my hero let me down? 3) is that actually the life I want? 4) is this my dream or someone else’s? 5) is my life truly authentic? This is not to show they have weaknesses to in some way try and make us feel better, but to allow us to see they are human, just like the rest of us. Thanks Robert De Niro for being real! PLEASE SHARE THIS...

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Posted By on Jan 16, 2013

This is a keynote I did late last year in Mexico at a conference called Awesomeness Fest. I decided to go with a message that I feel very strongly about. You will see that I engage with a LOT of emotion around this subject and the audience really engaged with the message. Its the kind of presentation that might leave you with more questions than answers. As long as they are better questions then I am happy. Enjoy! and if you do please share it with...

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Posted By on Dec 6, 2012

The two most common types of people I meet when it comes to Taking Action or not, are the following: 1. The Procrastinator – The person who thinks they are lazy or put off the next step for some internal mental reason. Personally I think this is BS and comes from a place of pure judgment. It smells of a) I am not good enough or b) I am broken. 2. The Perfectionist – The person who needs to know the outcome before they take that step. They need their ducks in a row but not just any row. The row needs to be perfectly aligned before they make that move. These two types of people will always suffer from a lack of clarity in life. Why? Because they are not in touch with their own internal guidance system, their intuition. In this video I invite you to put aside the need to know and trust a little more. IF YOU LIKE, PLEASE...

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Back to Your Future

Posted By on Oct 10, 2012

“People who only look forward, are blind” – Philip McKernan People who are always moving, always busy and don’t stop, are running from something. Whether that’s something in their past or something in their reality, they think if they keep moving they will stay ahead. Wrong! Despite that fact that there is little logic to this, when you stop and look back you can actually see further. Our stories leave clues which remain uncovered unless we look for them. In this video I try to explain the importance of looking (not lingering) in your past and how it will affect your future. PLEASE SHARE IF YOU...

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