Posted By on Nov 10, 2013

As you know I rarely post videos outside of the ones I do myself. This one hit me hard emotionally and the lesson for me was a reminder of something we tend to ignore at home with our own kids. The part that hit me is the young kid towards the end called Justice Miller and how his vulnerability should be a reminder to us all of how powerful it can be despite the fact that one might think his comment does not show him in a great light. I disagree as my admiration for this young man shot through the roof when he admitted his more self centred approach to life. Vulnerability should be something we encourage and cultivate in our kids. How do we do that? That piece is simple (but not easy). WE SHOW OUR OWN...

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Posted By on Nov 4, 2013

While I do believe that gratitude is important, I also believe it’s overrated. On top of that I also believe it can keep us from shining a light on the things that do not serve us. Most of all I believe we rarely experience gratitude for the one thing that will allow us to cultivate more confidence and self acceptance in ourselves. Watch the video to find out why I believe this and as always please share if you like...

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The 4 Types of Beliefs

Posted By on Oct 17, 2013

What if the beliefs you carry, hold onto, live and stand behind are not yours? What if you have beliefs that you are unaware of that hold you back from achieving the things you truly want? In this video I share the 4 different types of beliefs I come across in people every day that serve and undermine them. PLEASE SHARE THIS...

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Are you someone who is looking for an intimate partner to walk this earth with or are you someone who may be in a relationship that may not be as authentic as you feel it could be? In this video Philip open up the conversation about the strategies being used to find the ‘perfect’ partner and how it might come back to bite you. Please share if you...

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Posted By on Jul 23, 2013

In a world confused by what true happiness really is and how to achieve it, Philip explores the misconception between being and doing happiness. One is short lived and the other is about the essence of living. People have become so consumed with buying materialistic items and experiences that the lines between doing and being happy have been lost. Check out Philip’s view and share if you like...

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Posted By on Jul 4, 2013

The legendary wine maker Peter Lehmann passed away last week leaving a legacy of great wine, myth and a lesson that strategy can come from the heart and not just the head in business. A man who is famous as much for the way he treated people, as he is for his wine, PL wines came to be by accident but as you may know, there are no accidents! Share if you...

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Posted By on Jun 24, 2013

We often don’t realize a relationship can in fact be deepened and when we do we are unsure what we want from the other person and how to go about it. Then there is the fear that we create around if that person wants it or not. Here’s a simple process to follow. It will guide you to approach the relationship in a way that allows you to get clear on what you want, but YOU still have to do the work! Dont ever assume any relationship is great as that closes us off to what we cannot see. PLEASE SHARE IF YOU...

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Posted By on May 22, 2013

Many people often confuse the difference between Passion & Excitement and often assume they are living their passion. Yet often what they do is simply more exciting than what they did before. This can then lead people to settle for what they have currently in their life. On top of that Ego often gets in the way and we allow our Ego to drive our aspirations which often leads to unauthentic pursuits. In this video Philip opens up this conversation so you can continue it at...

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Posted By on Apr 3, 2013

Before you dismiss this important question please take the time to watch the video. Its slightly longer than I would normally record, but then again this is a serious topic. I have yet to meet a person who is not settling in an area of their life and its generally driven by fear or a lack of self worth. As I often say……………”we give ourselves what we feel we deserve in life“. And as always I ask you to share this video if you feel this is an important...

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Posted By on Feb 25, 2013

Many of the greatest breakthroughs and insights I have gleaned from life happened with the support of a 3rd party who could see, or helped me to see something in my own life. We are often way too close or in some way don’t want to see the truth about something that is simply holding us back, or not serving us in life. In this video I share a simple but powerful story to illustrate the power of seeing your life in a way that supports positive change which in turn yields positive results. If you like the video please share it! If you think its crap, don’t tell anyone...

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