Time for You, Parents?

Time for You, Parents?

Posted By on Nov 28, 2014

While I’m far from an expert on parenting, I’m always evolving and open to feedback… and Hopefully you are as well. In this video I discuss the importance of parents giving themselves permission to take time for themselves over and above what they do for their children. Children who grow up an in an environment where parents put a value on their own skin, are more likely to do the same in their lives, resulting in a strong confidence that most people (children and parents alike) lack. Where as the effects on children who grow up exposed to parents who don’t make space in their lives and hide behind their kids (or worse, resent them) can have dramatically different results on the child’s future self-worth. If after watching this video you find value in this message and think any other parents might too, feel free to share it along....

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