Wisdom is Not in the Future

Wisdom is Not in the Future

Posted By on Dec 22, 2015

“Don’t spend this year trying to be the best you. Be YOU and the best will show up.” In this video, Philip gives you a variety of challenging questions to help you reflect on, learn from and as a result, grow from what you experienced in the past year. In addition, Philip also included some questions to ponder as you get ready to enter into 2016 (and beyond). 2015 Questions: Where in my life am I settling? I may well be ‘successful’, but do I feel satisfied? What am I tired of? Am I using my gift or my talent? Am I really as happy as I pretend to be on Facebook? What mask am I still wearing? What conversation do I not want to have? What part of me does the world not see? What one thing do I KNOW I need to do in today (never mind 2016)? Do I love the work I do? 2016 Questions: What do I need to let go of? What do I not want to see? Why am I so afraid of allowing people to really see me? What’s the clarity I don’t want to see? How do I really feel about money? Who am I seeking validation from today? What gift do I need to unleash on the world? What conversation do I NEED to have? What part of me does the world not see? What one thing could I do in 2016 that would make me feel better? If this video caused you to think about this past year & the upcoming one ahead, and think others could benefit from it, I invite you to share it and pass it...

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