The Pursuit of Perfection

Posted By on Sep 25, 2012

Q. What do Lexus and Olympic Athletes have in common? A. They both mistakenly pursue perfection! For many this makes no sense. Surely the pursuit of perfection stretches us to be the best we can be in that area. Surely giving up on the notion of perfection in a certain area of life is in some way defeatist and therefore a giving up on that area as a result. Wrong! As you know I love to question the norm and having sat with the notion of perfectionism (which by the way we all have within us), I am seeing it a little differently. In this video I will attempt to give you a different perspective on being perfect and challenge you to ‘let go’ a little of the pressure and scarcity that drives us to chase perfect. Ironically if we can let go a little we will ease more into a place of flow and in turn achieve better results in that area. This video was inspired by my experience at the London Olympics this summer. Please share this video if you like...

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