“The biggest barrier to creating a meaningful life is the quality of relationship you have with yourself.” In this episode of LONDON REAL with Brian Rose, Philip doesn’t waste one word when discussing destiny. After the interview, Brian went on to say, “Just listening to Philip McKernan is gonna make you feel like you are doing serious and fulfilling inner work.” In this interview, Philip discusses: Living authentically vs. being at the mercy of a story that no longer works for you Using success, money, and work to avoid listening to our intuition Turning away from our dominate mind, and towards our true self Feelings catching up with us, no matter how fast we run How to start building lasting acceptance and self-worth Defining yourself outside of the work you do Making the leap from ‘mindset’ to ‘soulset’ And a whole lot more… Enjoy… If you believe there are others that should hear this message, feel share and pass it...

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