“In the absence of clarity, take action!” ~ Philip McKernan In my work, I like to flip things on their head from time to time. So in the spirit of “mixing things up” again, it was finally time for you to put me in the hot seat to ask me anything you’d like. You asked, and I answered. In this second edition of the ‘Ask Philip’ series, I tackled your questions about Achieving Goals (while keeping others happy), the Fear of Failure, Intuition vs. Intellect, and ‘Manifesting and Attracting’ what you want. Enjoy… If I didn’t get to your question yet, don’t worry as I will be shooting more of these videos. If you haven’t asked me a question yet, but would like to, feel free to CLICK HERE and do so now. If you liked this ‘Ask Philip’ video, please feel free to spread the message and share this video with your friends and family....

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“Your ability to get in touch with, listen and trust your intuition will determine the authenticity of your life.” My work consists of mentoring others across a variety of aspects in their lives: relationships, work and self. And I do this in a handful of ways, from group business coaching programs, to experiential retreats, to intimate live events, to private 1-on-1 mentorship discussions. On rare occasions, I have held private one-off calls with people I meet a long the way. This is one I did with Jason Connell (founder of Ignited Leadership) where we focused on the subject of intuition – and for some reason (intuition?) we decided to record it. And when it was all said and done, we were both extremely glad we did, as this conversation uncovered some unexpected thoughts and ideas around intuition that I believe anyone wanting to learn more can value from listening in. In this discussion we explored (amongst other things…): Why after achieving a goal, it often feels like an empty accomplishment (hint, it’s not about the actual accomplishment) Why positive thinking, in isolation of emotional feeling, can be detrimental Why what YOU feel is the only truth that matters (and how to change it for the better) What the inhibitors of intuition actually are, and how to break through them How to uncover, cultivate and nurture your own personal intuitive clarity Why it’s important to lean into and get to know your fears, rather than trying to hide from them Jason was very vulnerable and authentic on this call, and I respect him greatly for his courage to do so … and I trust that after listening in, you will too. Enjoy… If you liked listening in to this private conversation and feel like someone else might too, by all means please feel free to share it and pass it...

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Posted By on Jul 4, 2013

The legendary wine maker Peter Lehmann passed away last week leaving a legacy of great wine, myth and a lesson that strategy can come from the heart and not just the head in business. A man who is famous as much for the way he treated people, as he is for his wine, PL wines came to be by accident but as you may know, there are no accidents! Share if you...

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Posted By on Feb 8, 2013

Many of us move through life and often take the people around us for granted until that is, something happens. In the end of the day it all comes down to relationships in one form or another. Have you ever heard of someone lying on their death bed talking about that great deal they did, or the car they owned? I don’t think so. This is a short, simple and yet powerful reminder to STOP and tell the people around us how we really FEEL about them. PLEASE SHARE IF YOU LIKE...

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Posted By on Dec 6, 2012

The two most common types of people I meet when it comes to Taking Action or not, are the following: 1. The Procrastinator – The person who thinks they are lazy or put off the next step for some internal mental reason. Personally I think this is BS and comes from a place of pure judgment. It smells of a) I am not good enough or b) I am broken. 2. The Perfectionist – The person who needs to know the outcome before they take that step. They need their ducks in a row but not just any row. The row needs to be perfectly aligned before they make that move. These two types of people will always suffer from a lack of clarity in life. Why? Because they are not in touch with their own internal guidance system, their intuition. In this video I invite you to put aside the need to know and trust a little more. IF YOU LIKE, PLEASE...

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