I was recently part of an audience in Zurich where we were asked to write a short paragraph capturing how we would like to be remembered. What emerged instantly for me was how I’d be remembered through my kid’s eyes. “My Dad cared deeply for humanity and created a relentless mission to help people Understand Their Story, Uncover Their Gift and Impact the World. He loved me and I loved him.” I believe every human being has a basic instinct to help each other out. I’ve witnessed this in every culture, in every corner of the globe I’ve traveled to, without exception. As a company, we believe we’re meant for something bigger than ourselves. That’s why we’re embracing our mission to support and grow those interested in positively impacting the world. This means we regularly live out of our comfort zones, stretch ourselves every day, and are extremely open to evolving and letting go of the aspects of our business that don’t help us serve bettering humanity. We fully believe there’s a higher version of our company waiting to be uncovered, and while we’re happy to take pause and honor some of our recent accomplishments by sharing them with you, rest assured we have zero intentions of resting on our laurels. That said, here’s a quick look at what happened in our company in 2016, and what’s on the horizon for our future. 2016 Highlights   With your help, our Believe in YOUTH initiative managed to successfully raise 140% of our intended financial goal needed to build a safe home for enslaved children from an illegal gold mine camp in Peru. We also, funded the construction of an on-site bakery to ensure the orphanage will be self-sustaining and the children will learn marketable skills. We hosted the World Premiere of Give & Grow in Toronto last month and officially released the film worldwide on November 24th. In two short weeks, the Give & Grow message has reached 13 different countries, and the DVD’s sold out (we’ve since restocked). We’re proud of the response to the film so far and are excited to see what the future holds. As a follow-up workshop to the film, we also developed a 10-hour series of in-depth video conversations and exercises designed to help you uncover, understand, and unleash your gift on the world. I’m always humbled when invited to speak on stage or be interviewed, as this is what allows me to reach new audiences and hopefully stir some new souls. This year I was fortunate enough to spread my message all over the globe – From MastermindTalks in California, Archangel Summit in...

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