Everyone knows that if we take care of ourselves, we feel better. Yet still, very few people really put the time and attention towards their health and nutrition they know they should. Joe Cross, the filmmaker behind Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (which has been viewed by over 20 Million people!), and some would argue the man responsible for launching the entire juice trend, was no different. In fact, after doctors told him that he might die, Joe continued to work even harder and pay even less attention to his health, until he finally reached a tipping point. I recently had the privilege of visiting with Joe at my house to discuss his story and hear some of the things he’s learned during his journey to healthiness: The pitfalls of focusing on wealth vs. health The shift from Knowing It vs. Doing It (of “KIVDI” as Joe refers to it) The secret to happiness The last though Joe would leave the world with His latest film ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2’ I was fortunate enough to record this powerful conversation for you. Enjoy…   To find out more about Joe Cross’s, or to check out his latest film visit his...

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People are always looking for the ‘secret’ to achieving more happiness in life. I believe there is no secret. Achieving more happiness is the resulting bi-product of being at peace with yourself and living a meaningful life full of purpose. How does one live a meaningful life? It’s different for each of us, and only you personally hold the key to unlock that answer for yourself. While on my latest Give & Grow experience, I asked a mountain guide in the Peruvian Andes how he finds happiness and this was his simple, but powerful...

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Posted By on Jul 23, 2013

In a world confused by what true happiness really is and how to achieve it, Philip explores the misconception between being and doing happiness. One is short lived and the other is about the essence of living. People have become so consumed with buying materialistic items and experiences that the lines between doing and being happy have been lost. Check out Philip’s view and share if you like...

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Posted By on Jun 24, 2013

We often don’t realize a relationship can in fact be deepened and when we do we are unsure what we want from the other person and how to go about it. Then there is the fear that we create around if that person wants it or not. Here’s a simple process to follow. It will guide you to approach the relationship in a way that allows you to get clear on what you want, but YOU still have to do the work! Dont ever assume any relationship is great as that closes us off to what we cannot see. PLEASE SHARE IF YOU...

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