When I was in Peru on my Give & Grow retreat this past October, I had the pleasure (and challenge) of sitting down and exploring the lives and dreams of 3 orphan boys who volunteered to speak on camera. These conversations were unscripted, unedited and unexpected in more ways than one. They were difficult conversations to ignite as these boys were shy, withdrawn and unsure at times. When I delve into their stories I can see why. One boy watched his father kill his mother, and for years wanted to grow up and kill his father. Then there are moments of openness, insight, wisdom and overwhelming joy as one of the boys dreams of growing up and coming back to take over the very orphanage he is in. I know I grew as a result of their stories and maybe you can to. Please be patient with the audio quality and my on the fly questions as I was given about 15 minutes to set up and shoot on the day. Conversation #1     Conversation #2     Conversation #3     If you enjoyed these three conversations with these amazing orphan boys from Peru and feel compelled to share, feel free to do so.   If you’re interested in joining us in India later this year for the next Give & Grow retreat, you can learn more here....

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