Recently I was given the honor to speak in front of a room full of entrepreneurs in Toronto at an event called ‘Mastermind Talks’. This even was put on by a fantastic soul named Jayson Gaignard, whom I’ve come to really respect the more time I have spent getting to know him. Jayson gave me the opportunity to speak to his community for an entire hour (the first time he’s ever let anyone do so one of his stages) about the subject of ‘Authentic Goal Setting’. He was nice enough to record the entire talk so that I could share it with our clan. Enjoy… To find out more about Jayson Gaignard and his Mastermind Talks, please visit his...

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Success and Entrepreneurship

Success and Entrepreneurship

Posted By on Jun 16, 2014

What is success anyway? What does success mean to YOU? And have we too much of a narrow view on success? In this video Philip challenges us to STOP and reflect. Don’t allow others define what real success is for you and don’t assume you need to own a business to do it. Be careful of modeling others on what they do and how they do it. As always PLEASE SHARE IF YOU LIKE IT! Please Note: This video was taken on an...

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