“There is a raging historical river that is red with the blood of truth-tellers. So it’s not uncommon to kill the messenger.” ~ Will Smith (Interview excerpt about his view of the NFL in his movie concussion) I hear his pain and feel like I have the emotional wounds of people who choose to take out the messenger, rather than be truly open to the message. For so long I believed even the people who were asleep in relation to personal awareness could be enlightened to see their truth. While this is true, at what cost? It’s time to stop trying to help the people who simply don’t want it. While many will get this, there are others that won’t, as they are still holding onto a story they’ve told themselves for so long that it’s become their truth. The more you live in your head, the more disconnected from yourself, and therefore your reality, you are. Thus you look for facts and opinions to validate the existence you inhabit. The ‘ignorance is bliss’ people pay a much bigger price for not knowing – As for the people around them, they get to sit around and watch them show up every day as half the person they could be. From this day forth my work is NOT about growing you. It’s about growing you so you can in turn grow others around you. It’s about uncovering your gift and leveraging your talents to unleash it on the world. If you keep insisting you’re already deeply aware, if you think you’ll do the inner work when you have the time, if you simply want to argue as apposed to let go and be open to what you cannot see, if you want to focus on financial gain in isolation, if you’re content with walking this earth only looking for opportunities (as opposed to being open to possibilities), or if you’re too busy to take time out … then my work is not for you. To the people who want to impact the world my door is wide...

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