“In the absence of clarity, take action!” ~ Philip McKernan In my work, I like to flip things on their head from time to time. So in the spirit of “mixing things up” again, it was finally time for you to put me in the hot seat to ask me anything you’d like. You asked, and I answered. In this second edition of the ‘Ask Philip’ series, I tackled your questions about Achieving Goals (while keeping others happy), the Fear of Failure, Intuition vs. Intellect, and ‘Manifesting and Attracting’ what you want. Enjoy… If I didn’t get to your question yet, don’t worry as I will be shooting more of these videos. If you haven’t asked me a question yet, but would like to, feel free to CLICK HERE and do so now. If you liked this ‘Ask Philip’ video, please feel free to spread the message and share this video with your friends and family....

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