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“We are all born leaders, but we don’t all believe that.”

~ Philip McKernan

If you are looking for a speaker to come in and talk to your team, community or audience then Philip is not the right guy.

If however, you want someone to come in and have a meaningful conversation with your audience, then please reach out. Philip has an uncanny way of connecting with people and asking the questions people need to address. He cares deeply for people and is equipped with the ability to demonstrate compassion when necessary and at times challenge people when they least expect it.

His passion is unquestionable, and his desire to wake people up, uncover their gift and inspire them to achieve more is unwavering.

“What separates Philip from a lot of coaches, speakers and gurus is originality. He brings new conversations to the table and spends an obscene amount of time thinking and challenging the status quo, instead of simply repackaging business & life hacking strategies. Philip McKernan is a philosopher, a modern day philosopher of the human experience.”

If you are interested in having Philip at your next event, please fill out our questionnaire and someone from Philip McKernan’s office will be in touch.

Philip is PASSIONATE about life, REAL about what it takes to make a change, and BOLD in his questioning, storytelling, honesty, and directness.

Here are a few topics Philip is passionate about:

  • ONE LAST TALK – Why your truth matters and how to speak it.

The place people come to speak their truth unapologetically in order to free themselves and others. ​One Last Talk is a potent mix of raw courage and pure inspiration, where people share a part or their truth in public, for the first time.

  • THE AUTHENTICITY CODE – (Re)align your Life for more Meaning.

Developed from working with the U.S. Military, Olympic Athletes, and Entrepreneurs, Philip will do a dive deep on the identity crisis facing so many people today. Philip will help the audience to get clear where they are misaligned, understand where to pivot or transition, so they experience more meaning in their lives.

  • THE SOULSET™ REVOLUTION – The Power of Intuition and why Soulset™ is the new Mindset.

In this conversation, Philip will explore the difference between Talent and Gift and how this affects our ability to impact the world. He will help the audience understand, uncover and unleash their gift on the world.

  • 5 HAPPIEST DAYS – A 30 Minute Heart Opener About What Is Truly Important.

Life leaves clues if we take the time to look. In this short impactful, focused and interactive workshop Philip will take the audience back in time to expose what will bring them meaning in the future.

If you’re interested in having Philip speak at your next event and would like more information, please fill out our questionnaire and someone from Philip McKernan’s office will be in touch.

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If you’re interested in having Philip speak at your next event and would like more information, please fill out our questionnaire and someone from Philip McKernan’s office will be in touch.


5 5 1
I found your talk riveting. You have a real facility for distilling great wisdom into a few simple words that cut right through the fog. And you are funny...

Perfect combination of no-bullshit and empathy

5 5 1
Philip's talk was the perfect combination of a no-bullshit view on things and empathy toward our "human condition", which is a very hard line to walk....

Heart pumping!

5 5 1
It’s heart pumping to experience a talk like yours that goes for the adventure, soulfulness, instinct and resourcefulness of life. Unapologetically. Vibrantly....

It's refreshing to hear Philip speak

5 5 1
It was a pleasure to listening to Philip's presentation, his humor, forthrightness, stories and insights. I've read and heard a lot of "gurus" in this...

One of the best speeches I have seen in a LONG, LONG time

5 5 1
It was one of the best speeches I have seen in a LONG, LONG time. Every point you made hit something within me. It was real, true and so eloquently spoken....

I've listened to hundreds of hours of great talks by great people ... but nothing compared to this

5 5 1
I just watched your talk, and even though I couldn't answer even one of your questions, I cried the whole way through. Or, maybe, that is precisely why...

Philip is one of the greatest speakers I've ever experienced.

5 5 1
Hands down, Philip was one of the greatest speakers that I have ever experienced. And the reason why Philip completely leveled me and had me look deep...

That talk you gave changed the course of my survivorship

5 5 1
That talk you gave really did change the course of my survivorship. Like so many cancer survivors, as soon as the treatments ended I was thrust back into...


5 5 1
Seriously Philip, you are amazing, inspiring, and sincere. You are a gift. I would have you back in a heartbeat!

Philip truly 'wow'ed the audience

5 5 1
Philip recently spoke at our annual Summit, and we were not prepared for the incredible response as Philip truly 'wow'ed the audience, and inspired many...

Moved by Philip's powerful, spiritual insights

5 5 1
I have seen many presenters in over 25 years of Event Management, and when Philip McKernan is on stage the room goes silent. His powerful, grounded energy...

A richly deserved prolonged standing ovation

5 5 1
I've had the pleasure of watching Philip hone his platform skills step by step for several years. Recently he appeared as a presenter at a three day event...

I felt an authenticity that was delivered straight from the heart.

5 5 1
What I heard: All the speakers were top notch, but Philip was the ONLY one for which the room went absolutely silent during his talk. I mean absolutely...

More impactful than Sir Richard Branson!

5 5 1
"Of all the speakers, and they were all awesome; not the least of which was Sir Richard Branson, Philip had the greatest impact on me ... I was most moved...

I like his straight, no bullshit approach!

5 5 1
I had the privilege of hearing Philip speak and his talk made the entire weekend worthwhile for me. His unheralded talk, far and away out shined every...

Best event I attended in ages!

5 5 1
When a selfless person with tremendous skills who cuts through one's BS like a sword (but with the most beautiful intentions to make you see your TRUE...

Philip far exceeded what I even thought was possible!

5 5 1
I've done a lot of "personal growth" programs over the last 21 years (Tony Robbins, Landmark, etc...). I can honestly say that NOTHING that I've done has...

Philip McKernan Awarded “Best Speaker” at Underground

What People are Saying

Speaking Fees

Ireland – $10,000
Europe – $20,000
North America – $30,000
Worldwide – please contact our office.

Books – discount bulk book buying can be arranged.
Travel Expenses – this is not included in the speaking fee above.
Workshops – Half & Full Day available on request.

Some past clients

  • The Pentagon
  • YPO
  • The Canadian Olympic Team
  • Shell Canada
  • MindValley – Awesomenessfest
  • Trinity College, Dublin
  • US Military
  • Parker Seminars

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