Speaking Invitation

What’s The ‘One Last Talk’ You’d Deliver Before You Die?

Here’s your chance to find out…

Event Details:

What: One Last Talk – 2016
When: November 5th & 6th
Where: Toronto, ON

Speaker Retreat Details:

When: October 1 (2pm-6pm) & October 2 (9am-4pm)
Where: Toronto, ON

The goal of this ONE LAST TALK live event is to inspire people to stop settling in life, to stop playing small, and to raise the bar in order to create a life full of real meaning and true purpose.

This event will focus on something way more powerful than goals, vision boards, bucket lists or intentions.

Real People. Real Stories. Real Change.

I fully believe that, despite being human, you have a tremendous story that needs to be shared with others who are ready to begin or continue on their journey of change.

Your story matters.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to develop (with my personal help) that story into your ‘One Last Talk’, which you’ll deliver at our live event in Vancouver.

This is the final message that you’d like to leave the world with before you die.

It’s important … but not just for you, for the other people who will hear it, be inspired by it, and be changed forever.

Your story matters … and this is your chance to see just how much.

If you’re ready to accept my invitation to inspire and change the lives of others with your story (or if have any questions) simply send Pauline an email within the next 48 hours and she’ll schedule a time for us to have a chat about all of the questions you no doubt have.

Looking forward to you sharing your One Last Talk!

Believe in YOU!

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