“Success is manufactured in the mind.
Happiness is cultivated in the Soul”

Philip McKernan

Our Philosophy is quite simple, mindset and intellect have brought you to where you are today, to whatever goal you aspired to achieve. Yet, upon reaching this milestone, you may find it doesn’t feel as fulfilling as expected. You may feel misaligned, unfulfilled, or even disconnected.

We believe mindset and intellect alone cannot address the deeper sense of satisfaction or self awareness and connection to your work and others.

We help people transition from a purely intellectual and mindset-based perspective to a SoulSet™ state of being.

While intellect and mindset have been helpful in achieving goals, they often fall short in fulfilling a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

SoulSet™ is about helping you create a deeper self awareness and connection to your work and others, while achieving your unlived potential bringing a profound sense of fulfilment.

Tap into your greatness and lean into our SoulSet™ process.

SoulSet™ is a transformational journey of self discovery, shifting from a purely intellectual and mindset state of being, enabling clarity with your story and your unique gift, to live your legacy and have a more meaningful impact in the world.

Your gift has the power to influence future generations, it’s the legacy you live and leave behind. You are but a steward of this gift, with a limited time to use it.

You may have climbed several mountains to try gain a deeper sense of meaning and unlived potential. However you still feel something is missing, something just doesn’t feel right.

We will help you navigate to the places you cannot find on your own. To go beyond yourself and consider what’s possible for you and lead an unapologetic life.

Committed to our craft, the first step of this process starts by asking deeply intuitive questions, bypassing the intellect, requiring us to emotionally invest, explore and navigate the soul.

We will help you examine the patterns and the roadblocks seen and unseen that hold you back, identify the gaps, heal the wounds and bridge the conversations. We are relentless in pursuit of your unlived potential, and your greatest gift which often eludes us. Our gifts often lie right next to our deepest wounds, and uncovered, can make a real impact in the world.


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