At the end of the day, Philip is Irish … which means he talks … a lot! That said, some of the things he says are actually kind of profound, and make you really stop and think. That said, we’ve compiled a list of just some of his quotes, thoughts and phlisophies, separated into the categories of “Work, Self and Others”.



“Your Shit. Handle it today or it will haunt you tomorrow.”

“Slow down or life will knock you down.”

“The deeper you go, the higher you fly.”

“When you hold onto a reality that doesn’t serve you, it’s impossible to fully imagine a future that does.”

“The minute you let go, get clear and take the the first step, the next one always shows up.”

“Mankind can fly to the moon, build cars that drive themselves, build bridges to connect continents and yet often struggle deeply with simply being ourselves.”

“A mid-life crisis is nothing more than your life decisions catching up with you.”

“So many of us have forsaken the human need to feel, and replaced it with the societal pressure to think.”

“The more pressure you can take off the table, the clearer things will become.”

“Often we need to let go of the things we know, in order to discover who we are.”

“When we’re too busy seeking out opportunities we often miss the possibilities”

“The ultimate spiritual journey is the one taken into your own soul.”

“The keys to the soul are self awareness, compassion, self acceptance and self love.”

“The head is where you live.
The heart is where you feel.
The soul is where you flow.”

Self Acceptance: “If you don’t find comfort in your own skin you will never find comfort in the world. Don’t expect the world to accept you for who you are, when you don’t.”

Fear: “We often allow fear to govern our lives and give it such power that we believe its insurmountable presence is here to stay. Get to know your fear. Dine with it, drink with it, walk with it and its grip on you all loosen.”

“You can tell your mind your happy all day long, but you can’t fool your heart.”

“A message to the people who have or continue to doubt me. For as long as I remember I have had people judge me, tell me I was stupid or I would amount to nothing. I once thought their roars drowned out the whispers of the few who actually believed in me, and what I was trying to do. I now see it differently as I see that the believers were roaring but I chose to listen to the many whispers of doubt as they represented a safe familiarity to me. The familiarity I speak of came as they spoke in unison to the biggest doubter of all, myself.”

“To the people who continue to feel the necessity to burn tremendous amounts of energy judging me, may I suggest you use that energy for something useful that impacts your world and therefore the people around you, in a positive way.”

“I appreciate that you want a return on your invested judgment, but I assure you I will not back away from the path I am on and I promise you, I have only started.”

“We need to stop pursuing happiness and turn our attention to meaning. Happiness is simply a by-product of living a life that means something.”

“Anxiety is telling you that you are NOT listening or acting upon your Intuition”

“Unless you reconcile your relationship with yourself you will never be truly happy”

“With every gift there is a shadow side. And with every shadow there is a gift.”

“Most people discount their achievements and expand their challenges”

“Unauthentic people age prematurely because its exhausting trying to be someone else every day”

LIVING A LIE – “I guess I cannot be shocked and stunned by the many people that I meet every day who simply do not want to face the truth of their existence on this planet, as I did it myself for years. Its only when we find the self respect to face the reality of something that is not right do we have the opportunity to find the courage within to address it. We are so afraid of change that we often think its easier to continue to live the illusion and tell people we are happy”

“We are all born leaders, but we don’t all believe that”

Fear: “We often mistakingly think we can outsmart or outrun fear. Fear does not need rest, water or food and will always be there when you stop and look back. STOP, turn about and get to know the fear you fear and I promise it’s grip on you will loosen.”

“Your ability to get in touch with, listen and trust your intuition will determine the authenticity of your life”

A unedited excerpt from ‘Rich on Paper, Poor on Life’: “This book does not require you to give up your dreams and goals but perhaps it may challenge the authenticity of them to ensure you don’t spend many years chasing what you think will make you happy. I stood by and watched millions of my fellow country Men and Women become wealthy on paper while allowing the things that make us truly happy, dilute. They did not set out to do that but over time they found their values being eroded as the whole nation became intoxicated on the fumes of ‘success’.”

“Don’t spend this year trying to be the best you. Be you and the best will show up”

“Listen to your heart and then take action to honor your soul”

“I find most people’s lives are not as great as they say or as bad as they imagine”

“Many people find it easy to believe in God, yet struggled to believe in themselves”

“The brave always win”

“The ultimate destination of fear is regret”

“It’s generally the things we don’t do that haunt us forever”

“Happiness is a series of decisions made on a consistent basis”

“Happiness is more about who you spend your time with, as opposed to how you spend your money”

“Your confidence today will determine your success tomorrow”

“Like it or not you are your past. To live fully is not to live in the past or the future but in the present. However, the past affects the present and the present will determine your future”

“The past has created the present, and the present is creating the future”

“What you don’t know could kill you”

“We give ourselves what we feel we deserve”

“As humans we are masters of two things; complicating our lives and justifying why we did it”

“One of the greatest gifts you can give, is not to forgive someone else; the greatest gift is to forgive yourself”

“In the absence of clarity, take action!”

“The first step to physical fitness is mental fitness”

“Getting to a point in life that you can be truly proud of yourself is a STUNNING place to be. Let’s be stunning!”

“Your self-worth will dictate your net worth!”

“Fear is the assassin of dreams”

“Life is simple; we choose to complicate it”

“Create space to let the magic in”

“Some people have an innate ability to accept no responsibility”

“One of our greatest challenges is our inability to face reality”

“The significance of our success will be determined by our belief in ourselves”

“Living is about feeling your way through life, not thinking your way through”

“A lack of Confidence is an epidemic in the world”

“Self-Awareness cannot be taught or learned. It must be felt.”

“When we think about growing our instinct is to look at what we need to add to enhance our lives. I suggest we look to let something go first to create the space.”

“Stop telling the world what your values are and show the world the values you live”

“I have spent most of my life feeling misunderstood but realize the more I understand myself the less I care what others think”

“Reincarnation Identity Crisis: I meet many people who think they have come back as a human but act like an ant as they play so small in this world.”

“Envy is a mind-blowingly destructive force that blinds us from the very things we truly want”

“If you are facing in the right direction all you need to do is walk”

“You are better off in life with no goals, than chasing a set of goals that belong to someone else”

“Being an actor all your life is exhausting. Take off your mask and just be YOU. Hollywood may not want you, but the world needs you.”

“When you can finally admit you are a victim THEN and only then are you ready to shed that mask”

“I would die for my children, but refuse to live my life for them.”

“I’m not perfect, but neither are you.”

“Your real legacy is what you give the world as opposed to what you leave the world.”

“One step quite often represents a brave move”

“Your fears are old. Invite them to dinner and get to know them. You have been running from them long enough.”

“Your conscious mind will believe anything you tell it but you cannot bullshit your subconscious mind”

“You didn’t choose your face, however you can choose to accept it”

“The unknown scares so many people form their own futures. Our compulsive desire to ‘know’ is an attachment that inevitably leads to regrets.”

“Despite what we think, we don’t need confidence to make a change. Make the change and the confidence will come as long as it’s from an intuitive place and not your mind.”

“History continues to repeat itself when we refuse to take personal responsibility for the lives we have.”

“The weight you carry is less about calories and more about confidence”

“My body resides in Canada, my heart belongs in Ireland and my soul is on loan from the universe.”

“It’s so easy to follow your mind, less easy to follow your heart and so hard to even listen to your soul”

“Anger creates an alternate reality in people”

“Anger keeps us from the truth and therefore further away from the solution”

“The soul is where inspiration and imagination live. Go on, knock on the door.”

“A decision is required to get out of bed. Dedication is required to get fit. Focus is required to climb a mountain. Immense courage is essential to live an Authentic Life”

“When the mind is full, it’s time to feed the soul.”

“If you want your mind to be at peace, leave it alone.”

“People who only look forward are blind”

“The biggest bully you’re likely to meet is the one in the mirror”

On being grateful: “For a long time I ‘looked’ for the things to be grateful for in my life. Today I feel it. The difference comes when you become more authentic and aligned to what you are REALLY here to do. One is a ‘should be’ while the other allows me to ‘be’.”

“Our need to know what’s next often weakens our will to change something that we know is not serving us today.”


“If you dig deep enough you will uncover that our need for financial security is in actual fact driven by insecurity”

“People need to let go of the way it needs to be, and allow the way it’s meant to be unfold”

“Giving up and letting go are not the same thing.”

“Success is manufactured in the mind while happiness is cultivated in the soul.”

“Success is not about just creating more of the good days but rather learning how to handle the crap days.”

“Progress is taking that step not sitting on it gathering dust.”

“You can think as big as you want however if you cannot BELIEVE BIG then you are just passing the time”

“Only if you believe big will you achieve big”

“Many people spend more time, money and energy trying to grow their net worth than they do on their self-worth”

“The state of my mental and physical fitness dictates the health of my business”

“You will not be counting your dollars on your death bed; but rather the happiest days and moments of your life and the people you shared them with”

“If you are make money doing what you love, you will be both mentally and financially wealthy”

“Simplicity is the key to real success”

“Busyness does not equal business”

“Focus on passions, not possessions”

“Complexity is the enemy”

“Perception means nothing. The truth means everything”

“We create complexity in our lives so we don’t have to succeed at the very thing we truly want to do. Why? Because we fear we cannot do it or that we don’t deserve it”

“Procrastination was invented by some sadist so we can beat ourselves up every day.”

“Procrastination is simply our minds, bodies or spirits telling us that this is the shit I don’t want to do. Listen to it.”

“If you don’t value who you are, you will never appreciate what you have”

“Your net-worth is directly linked to your self-worth”

“Always wanting more is not driven by discontent of what we already have, but discontent with who we are.”

“It’s not that we are not content with what we have but rather we are not content with who we are that drives to always want more”

“You don’t have to play like a genius every day to be remembered as one”

“It’s not what you do but rather who you are that impacts your children”

“People have to buy into you, before they will buy from you”

“It’s not the lack of action necessarily but rather the lack of belief that prevents most people from doing what they ultimately know they need to do deep down. Are you playing small?”

“All money can give you is choice but not freedom of choice. True freedom of choice comes from a debt free mind.”

“I’ll take my Gut over Google any day”

“Mindset is like entrepreneurship: it’s overrated”

“True leadership is not about leading others but rather ensuring you are leading your own life first. That way you will inspire others to follow as opposed to work at leading them.”

“Purpose is global. Passion is personal.”

“When it comes to the work you do please don’t confuse Excitement for Passion. That could cost you your health, relationships and your peace of mind.”

“When your identity becomes more about what you do as opposed to who you are, you are lost.”

On Legacy: “So many Men put themselves under so much pressure to build a financial legacy in the future for their kids/family. This pressure often gets in their way of being truly present emotionally, mentally and physically today. The legacy then becomes a healthy bank balance but an emotional deficit within the child that no money on earth can replace. You may think your kids want your money, but they NEED you!”

“Firstly I don’t believe any human deserves to be happy. It’s this sense of entitlement that dilutes the inner drive to find happiness. I find it fascinating that people who spend 8 hours a day doing work they do not believe in, wonder why they don’t feel complete. Often I see people putting their mortgage ahead of meaning and justify it to themselves like only humans can do best. Many of the bills people ‘have to pay’ are of course a result of the decisions people make ahead of their well being in the first place. And so the cycle continues. Never before in the history of humanity do we have the opportunity to do what we love and make money doing it. I believe our work must be an extension of what we believe, not who we think we are.”


To my wife on Valentines: “I can do without a card, chocolates, champagne or any other materialistic expression of love. What I want is to share a life with a women who has the courage to love and respect herself. It’s in that place I will have everything I need and more. Your kids will grow up knowing it’s ok to love and respect ones self and in turn command respect from those around them. To all the wife’s and mothers on the earth who pour their hearts into others until it’s empty. Keep a little for yourself. You need it more than you know.”

“Be who you are. You’re going to be Judged in life no matter who you are and what you do. You might as well be judged for who you are than who you are not.” ~ Pauline Mckernan

“Don’t trust societal complements aimed at your conforming actions. It’s a mass collective effort to assimilate you by closing down your spirit. Embrace the shit out of your oddness in a world desperate to keep you normal.”

“If you are someone who finds it hard to trust others its less about them and more about the lack of trust you have in yourself”

Relationships & Communication: “Poor communication in a relationship has less to do with the way two people are communicating and more about the lack of Trust and Belief in each other

“I think one of the most amazing things a man can do is step aside and allow their women to shine without the fear of feeling inadequate”

“Tell me what on your mind and I will hear you. Tell me how you feel and I will know you”

“The moment you start comparing your life to your neighbour you start living someone else’s life”

“If we choose to put someone on a pedestal we are saying to ourselves, we are not enough”

“You are who you meet”

“It’s more socially acceptable to be nice than tell the truth”

“A true friendship is one where you share both philosophies and vulnerabilities”.

“Life is short when you live with people you don’t love, eat the food you don’t love and do the work you don’t love.”

“Sometimes we need permission to leave, to realize we want to stay.”

“Behind every great Man there could be an even greater Women who is currently busy playing SMALL”

“If I had one wish for my children it would be to have the courage to follow their heart and listen to their soul.”

“When the student is not ready they want the teacher to disappear”

“I cannot move mountains but I can help you climb them”

On People: “When they die they are simply remembered for who they were. When they are dying they simply remember the people they were with. While they live they spend much energy seeking the things they want, while ignoring the people they already have.”

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