The Story Behind Our Logo…

After much deliberation I decided that a Celtic Knot was a great representation of me and in turn, my work.

And as we’ve evolved the work, and our live experiences, so too have we evolved our brand. Throughout the years of working live with people, I’ve gotten more confident in my abilities to help them figure out how to create meaningful lives full of purpose that they were meant to. As a result, I’ve become more confident in who I AM, and what I was truly put on this earth to do … which is this work. And with this new confidence, has come a sense of great pride, so I though it only make sense to incorporate my name in a bolder way, as you’ll notice in the before and after images below.

The choice to simply use my own name from the very beginning to represent the work was a personal choice and one that fits the nature and personal approach we take to our work with people. But adding more weight to my name, came with the new rebrand, and is a result of me becoming and being more comfortable in my own skin, and quite simply, just being me.

Another important change with the logo that occurred during our company rebrand, was the incorporation of a new vibrant and bold orange color. As our work has gotten more bold and dare I say “gritty”, we wanted our brand to reflect this. And our new color palette of orange and charcoal grey definitely feels more aligned with how we work, versus the old yellow and green color scheme of old.


The Meaning Behind YOUR Celtic Knot

You don’t have to toss a stone very far in my sacred homeland of Ireland to hit a Celtic knot; You’ll find them generously sprinkled throughout every corner of the entire country. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single soul who knows the full story behind it.

Despite having existed for thousands of years before the formation of religion, the Celtic knot is commonly associated with Christianity due to the borrowed ornamentation and integration into their monuments and manuscripts. However, this is far from its birthplace. Thus, the true meaning of the Celtic knot remains a mystery as old as Ireland itself.

When commissioning the artwork for our three-pronged Celtic knot, I took some poetic license in order to visually represent my core philosophical beliefs about life.

The circle in the middle represents YOU. Each of the three prongs represents essential elements of your life–and your personal relationship to them–as meaning, purpose, and fulfillment can only be fully achieved when these three elements are aligned and authentic:

Work – The relationship you have with what you do
Self – The relationship you have with who you are
Others – The relationship you have with those around you

This Celtic knot is a visual reminder to strive towards greater harmony in each of these areas of life. Rather than these elements operating as independent departments, the knot is an invitation to engage, integrate, and align all three areas of your life, in order to achieve flow.

If you believe you’re destined for more, consider this Celtic knot as your personal invitation and compass to free your bow lines, chart your course, and set sail on a journey to create a life that means something.

“Success is Manufactured in the Mind,
While Happiness is Cultivated in the Soul.”
~ Philip McKernan

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