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We’re Looking For a Tech Savvy Doer


BraveHeart Media, LLC is expanding a little, and we need to attract someone who loves technology and knows how to use it to spread the message! Someone who feels great when they are setting up sequences in ConvertKit, scheduling posts on Facebook, researching, editing a/v, adding videos to our Vlog and implementing new systems to help keep us efficient.

At the moment this position will be in a part-time capacity with the possibility to move to full-time hours if needed/wanted in future. This position will be virtual with some invitation/opportunity for travel (team meetings, events etc..).

In this role, these are the qualities you need to possess:

  • Tech Savvy-Facebook, Instagram, Trello, Shopify, Canva and ConvertKit
  • Attention to Detail & Organized
  • Enjoy Learning-Stay up to date with changes in all social platforms ensuring maximum effectiveness
  • Flexible (Not like ‘yoga flexible’ but rather you’re adaptive and can course correct on the fly if needed. Although we have nothing against bendy people either)
  • Collaborative & Not Afraid to Speak your Mind
  • Self Starter & Accountable (i.e. Gets Things Done Without Hand Holding; This is a Virtual Position for the most part)
  • Is VERY comfortable taking responsibility when they make a mistake
  • Loves having a laugh

In this position, these are the activities you’ll be responsible for:

  • Social Media Management
  • Assisting with Administration tasks
  • CRM Management
  • A/V editing

Let’s be honest here, you’re brilliant at some things as we are at others – we just need to make sure that our brilliance is compatible.

So if you think you could be our kind of people, the only thing we’re asking of you at this point (to find out if we should be working together) is for you to simply create a 2 minute video and send the link to telling us the following:

1. Why do you believe you are the right fit for us
2. What are you brilliant at in a working environment
3. What are you not so brilliant at?
4. What would you expect from us to feel respected?
5. What do you do now and why do you want to leave or add this role to your current work commitments?

Please use the subject line: I am a Tech Savvy Doer!

After we’ve had the chance to review your 2-Minute Video, we’ll get in touch with you regarding next steps! If your video does not capture us we will not be exploring a fit beyond that point and please do not take that personally.

Video Deadline: Friday March 30th

Best of luck and thank you for your interest,
BraveHeart Media Team

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