[Interview] It’s time for Philip to GET REAL

[Interview] It’s time for Philip to GET REAL

“Mankind can fly to the moon, build cars that drive themselves, build bridges to connect continents and yet often struggle deeply with simply being ourselves.”

In this episode of ‘London Real’, Philip doesn’t waste words in his discussion with Brian Rose and shares the beauty and the pain of following your soul.

Here are some discussions in this episode:

  • How authentically are you personally living?
  • A glimpse into some of Philip’s personal challenges
  • The biggest barriers to creating a meaningful life
  • Using success, money and work as a way to avoid listening to our intuition
  • Turning away from your mind, and towards your true self
  • The personal stories we’re doing our best to avoid
  • Allowing ourselves to be who we really are
  • And a whole lot more…


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