[Interview] The Pillars of a Meaningful Life

[Interview] The Pillars of a Meaningful Life

“So many of us have forsaken the human need to feel, and replaced it with the societal pressure to think.”

In this edition of the ‘Unmistakable Creative Podcast’, Philip talks about the pillars of a meaningful life.

Some highlights of this episode:

  • How a culture can enrich you at your core
  • Taking the time to figure who we are and how we want to express it in the world
  • Why we get so far into our lives without clarity about what we want
  • 3 basic pillars of a meaningful life
  • What causes people to end up living out of alignment
  • Understanding the difference between confidence and self esteem
  • Getting to know and embrace your fear so it doesn’t control you
  • How to get a place that you can’t imagine as possible
  • Removing masks and letting skeletons out of our closet
  • Taking a risk to bring more meaning into our life
  • The power of trusting your intuition
  • And a whole lot more…


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