[Interview] How to Find Your Soul’s Purpose

[Interview] How to Find Your Soul’s Purpose

“Execute about what you do know, instead of focusing on what you don’t.”

In this episode of ‘Success Insider’, Philip brings a different conversation around success to the table with Timothy Han and shares how to find your soul’s purpose.

In this episode, Philip discusses why:

  • Goals are nothing more than a personal prison
  • Most people are petrified of TRUE success
  • Using an Intellect for an emotional challenge is a devastating mistake
  • Your mindset is catastrophically over-rated
  • Excitement distracts from REAL purpose
  • The more ‘heady’ we become, the more dead we become
  • Intellect is a virus that’s over-riding our intuition
  • Our relationships with money is wreaking havoc on our happiness
  • And a whole lot more…


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