[Interview] Giving & Growing

[Interview] Giving & Growing

In this episode of the PRODUCTIVITYIST PODCAST with Mike Vardy, Philip discusses letting go, alignment, consumption of information, and authenticity … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


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Highlights from this episode include:

  • The mindset that puts money on a pedestal, the freedom people think it provides, and how that doesn’t equate to peace of mind, sense of fulfillment and purpose (2:51).
  • How long it took him to realize that what he was chasing was out of alignment with who he really was (3:44).
  • How “busy-ness” and chaos indicates an underlying pain, how staying busy is just a rationalization of the feeling of disconnection, and how society evolved such that busy became socially acceptable (4:00).
  • Indicators and manifestations of a life that is not aligned (5:20).
  • The problem with people consuming so many how-to-guides and information instead of trusting their internal wisdom, gut, and intuition (8:57; 12:10).
  • His insights on retreats and conferences, and finding those that actually resonate with an individual in a way that can serve them emotionally and intellectually (14:04).
  • The film he put together titled Give & Grow (15:50), his definition of what gifts are vs. talents (16:26), what drove him to create a film, and why he used this specific medium (17:33).
  • The two core things human beings want to do (16:47).
  • Strategies to let go on an emotional level and what things that we carry deep down end up sabotaging ourselves (19:54).
  • How being aligned is a human possibility that creates fluency making things easier, instead of thinking that life must be hard and hard work is necessary (21:14).
  • His thoughts on minimalism as not merely letting go of material things but is deeply rooted in alignment and emotions (24:02).
  • The overwhelming expectation for perfection, productivity, and success people are subjected upon – which may not necessarily be their personal truth but a reflection of their family’s, friend’s, or society’s expectations (25:25).
  • His thoughts on consumption of information – whether online or offline and how to move from mere information to knowledge, wisdom, and awareness (28:38).
  • How he spent a huge chunk of his life suppressing his real self (30:40).
  • His advice on how everyone should deal with life (32:05).

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