The Lost Art of Simplicity

  • Learn why busyness does not equal success, but rather deters it
  • Discover what keeps us so disconnected from ourselves and our loved ones
  • Find out how to simplify and refocus your life, so that you may achieve a greater sense of purpose and meaning

“We are masters of 2 things – complicating our lives and justifying why we do it.”

~ Philip McKernan

Never before have people’s lives been so complex. It has become the norm to be ‘connected’ to the world through all sorts of online media, which often keeps us disconnected from ourselves and our loved ones.

We think the next book, free report or Google has the answers. But in most instances, we are simply clouding our already complex life further with more information and messaging.

The most frightening piece is people’s rationale and justification of why the complexity exists in the first place. We’re in many cases so unaware of how chaotic our lives have become that we will argue why we do everything we do. We think staying busy will help us to achieve success. But there’s one critical flaw with that rationale. Busyness does not equal success.

In this audio training program, Philip will challenge the foundation of the way you live today, with simple counter-culture philosophies and real life interviews.

Available at any time and accessible from anywhere in the world.

How It Works / Inclusions

  • 3+ hours of audio training
  • 24-hour remote access to the Philip McKernan “Lab,” which houses the ‘Lost Art of Simplicity’ program
  • MP3 downloads, so you can load up the files and listen to them on the go

Who This Program Is For

Anyone who:

  • Doesn’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on their plate
  • Who thinks they need to clone themselves to get things done
  • Who works an unhealthy amount of hours on a regular basis, and wears that fact like a badge of honor

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