Rich On Paper Poor On Life


  • Uncover the 3 paths to more meaning (and money) in your life
  • Find out why happiness can’t be reached by simply seeking it out
  • Discover how happiness is achieved as a by-product of meaning in your life

3 paths to more meaning (and money)

“If you are making money doing what you love, you with be both mentally and financially wealthy.”

~ Philip McKernan

There is an obsession we have as humans with the notion of being happy and chasing happiness.

The flaw in that endeavor is that 99% of people either don’t know what their happiness is, or they have convinced themselves of some intellectual definition of happiness. Some of these examples can range from achieving goals like building their business up, getting financially free, or taking more time off of work.

Are these things that they need as a human being that feeds their soul and will help them achieve the depth of happiness inside that’s readily waiting? Or are these goals that they’ve simply drummed up in their head, or read about in a book, or envied about someone else’s life?

Most people achieve these surface-level goals and wind up disappointed to find that it’s greeted with emptiness. Which more times than not, results in the furthering of this cycle of looking for the next deal, building bigger, achieving more. All the while never achieving happiness.

Rich On Paper Poor On Life focuses on how integrating and building meaning into various areas of your life results in the by-product of the happiness that you were ultimately looking for.

Philip was interviewed recently about his new book and finding meaning in YOUR LIFE.

In the interview Barry McDonagh and Philip talked about the difference between Passion and Meaning and how excitement can confuse us.

Here is the audio of the interview:

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