Dead Man Walking

  • Uncover the trappings of success you might not have been aware of
  • Discover the difference between a Mindset and a Soulset™
  • Experience the rewards of finding Soulset™

A Short but Difficult Journey from Mindset to Soulset

“Success is manufactured in the mind while happiness is cultivated in the soul.

~ Philip McKernan

In spite of the commonly received wisdom of reliance on the mind and the dominance of intellect, my experience has shown me a different way. I have seen that making the shift from mindset to Soulset™ can bring about the most profound changes that a human being can experience. I have also seen people literally transform their relationships, their health, and their financial situations by moving from their minds to their souls.

One of the obstacles that stand in most people’s way of tapping into their Soulset™ is that they still subscribe to a broken success model.

Through the years of learning to listen to my inner guidance system and from teaching what I’ve learned to others (and urging them to use their inner guidance system), I can say with certainty that the standard model of success is broken. There is no doubt left in my mind about this fact.

This free eBook will shine a light on and offer up some clarity on this fact, as well as offer up some solutions as to how you can course correct and shift your thinking in order to get more in touch with your Soulset™.

A fresh conversational authentic perspective

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He speaks very honestly from the soul. It's very conversational writing. I've taken much self development and what I've found was the Soul set was mind set in the other direction. Maybe it's a misunderstanding of mine or a clashing of what I know. What I believe is mindset is the negative particle and soul set is the positive particle. Combine both you have a neutron or what I call "The truth"

A Must Read!

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I've always believed that the new psychology of success is mindset. Philip's book, Dead Man Walking, has changed my perspective of how we can learn to fulfill our potential. This reading material has saved me from always pursuing what seems to look like the best thing to do. Instead I am now doing my best to live by Mckernan's adage: "Success in manufactured in the mind while happiness is cultivated in the soul."

A must for anyone seeking insight

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Philip explores one of the great unresolved questions of our time, in a cogent and accessable manner. Join him on this journey into the nature of the self as human being rather than human doing, from cognition to recognition. In his own words "Mindset to Soulset", read it, you may never encounter your self in the same way again.

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