• Get a current reality check and begin exploring your true passion and purpose
  • Cultivate your confidence, and discover your self-sabotage patterns and tendencies that are holding you back
  • Discover the Golden Rituals that are the foundation of success
  • Create a personal “summit” and chart a course to reach it

Get Clear On The Mountain You Need To Climb.

“The ultimate destination of fear is regret.”

~ Philip McKernan

We all know how important taking time out is. However, few take real quality time, and very few do this in a structured environment, facilitated by a coach who is not attached to the outcome.

A variety of participants from Olympic Athletes, TV personalities, Business Leaders, Moms to Couples and everyone in between have participated in this Breakthrough Summit to enhance their lives.

BaseCamp is designed to support people gain clarity in the lives they live or the lives they want to live. Some come seeking support in the change they know they need to make, while others come knowing they need to make a change but are unsure what that looks like.

Often people spend years climbing for a summit and realize half way through that they are going in the wrong direction.

At BaseCamp you will explore the authenticity of your own life, tackle some of the blind-spots that you are unaware of that hold you back, create a vision for your future and have a ton of fun as you prepare to embark on the world’s biggest mountain, your own Authentic Life.

Available at any time and accessible from anywhere in the world.

How It Works / What’s Included

  • 4-week virtual video training program
  • Delivered in HD video
  • 24-hour remote access to the Philip McKernan “Lab,” which houses the BaseCamp program
  • Workbook and exercises

Who This Program Is For

BaseCamp is for anyone who is looking for a starting point for a journey of self-discovery, or for anyone who maybe just needs a bit of course-correcting when it comes to the journey they are currently on.

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Investors
  • Business owners
  • Self-employed
  • Professionals

BaseCamp is NOT a program is for people who don’t take action.

Like nothing I've ever experienced before

5 5 1
This experience has been like nothing I've ever experienced before. Phillip, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart … for helping me begin my journey to finding my true self. There aren't any words that I can use to express how thankful I am to you.

I never expected it to be so deep and emotional

5 5 1
Firstly I never expected the event to be so deep and emotional. I was expecting some rah rah talk of some sort to get us motivated to get on with making more money and taking over the world. Boy was I in for a shock!

Connected deeply at my core

5 5 1
I have done a number of personal/business growth program through the years. None has connected so deeply at my core than this one.


5 5 1
I attended one of Philip's workshops a few years ago. I went to support a friend who just didn't want to go alone, not imagining I would have an interest in the content. I was stubborn and rigid - I didn't need this guy's opinion of my business or relationships. MIND BLOWN! Philip's insight started me on a life changing path. Authentic is a perfect term to describe his vision and his delivery.

Almost Face to face coaching 🙂

5 5 1
I'v enjoyed the delivery and pace of the Basecamp course and have certainly been affected and challenged by a number of the exercises and questions. I like that I'm able to go back and play the videos again, and usually the second or third time offers a little more of a shift in my self awareness and my focus. Thank you Philip, I'm grateful for the opportunity to have an almost face to face coaching session with you. 🙂

Thanks Philip

5 5 1
Thanks so much Philip. These exercises helped me get alot of clarity as to some of my limiting behaviours, and to gain much more alignment to myself, and some of my passions. I recently have found myself less inclined to fall into old negative patterns, and have also taken significant steps to look at rearranging the work that I do to include more of my passions. Thanks again.

Best money I've spent in quite some time

5 5 1
This is without a doubt the best value money I have spent in quite some time. I've been listening to and watching speakers and coaches for about 5 years and there are always some bits to take away, but I have only ever purchased books to help put things in to practice. I discovered Philip on London Real and I didn't make it to the end of the episode before mentally signing myself up for some kind of coaching, it speaks volumes to me and I'm probably understating myself there!

Expanding and Enlightening

5 5 1
This is the best "reboot" that one can partake in. You are the man Philip.

Simplification Demystified

5 5 1
I began getting to know Philip and his work through an app called Omvana back in 2012ish and since that time I swear he has followed me and I've run to his audio for clarity. I jumped into this program not knowing what would happen, but I knew it was time for change. It was one of the most intense and eye opening processes I've ever done for myself. The questions were thought provoking and the phrase I've been "McKernaned" has come up often. The one thing I can say is that through this I have found a deep alignment I never thought I would have in my life. It's a continued work in progress, but I'm thankful that Philip made this available and jumped into his calling, because he paved the way for others to find true grounding and deep truths. This program is the foundation I believe many can use to find their truths. Thank you.

Something I've Needed...

5 5 1
Needless to say that I needed this. At this early stage in my life I find myself coming to many cross roads. The new awareness that Philip provides is like nothing I have seen/heard before, it's real, it's true and most of all it's authentic. You can see the care that's gone into this, and it is knowledge that is going to help guide me for a very long time. Brilliant Philip, truly, thank you.

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