Authentic Goal Setting

  • Learn to think differently about goals, simplify them and question their authenticity
  • Discover 10 goal-setting principles that you can implement immediately
  • Listen to a collection of real-life stories and simple philosophies that will help you understand the difference between goal setting and ‘Authentic Goal Setting’.

“You are better off in life with no goals, than chasing a set of goals that belong to someone else.”

~ Philip McKernan

We live in a world of obsessive goal setters, and yet the very nature of setting goals runs contrary to the desire of every human to live in the now. In this audio training program, Philip challenges us to think differently about goals, simplify them and question their authenticity.

Come and share a collection of real life stories, simple philosophies, 10 goal-setting steps, a cup of coffee and even an Irish joke with Philip.

Available at any time and accessible from anywhere in the world.

How It Works / Inclusions

  • 4 hours of audio training
  • 24-hour remote access to the Philip McKernan “Lab,” which houses the ‘Authentic Goal Setting’ program
  • MP3 downloads, so you can load up the files and listen to them on the go

Who This Program Is For

  • Anyone who ‘traditional’ goal setting hasn’t worked for in the past
  • Anyone who creates vision boards or bucket lists
  • Anyone looking to draw more fulfillment and purpose of their lives

A New, Fresh & Honest Look At Goals

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I had always goalset in the traditional way - write down the things you 'want', give them a time frame etc. - until I came across Philip and this audio training. I can honestly say that I feel I have intentions that are more true to me now. I love having this audio collection on the go, and I would really recommend it to ANYONE looking for a complete, light-hearted, and insightful look at goals. You will defiantly be better for it!

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