Posted By on Jan 24, 2013

Is Lance Armstrong the villain or did we (society) set him up? I believe we have a great opportunity to learn from the downfall of a modern day hero that appeared to ‘have it all’ for us to see that he did not live up the expectations we had on him. This video is less about my personal views on what he did but more about the deeper WHY. Its in here we get closer to the real lesson that the headlines dont care about. This is not a video about Lance Armstrong but rather the whole phenomenon of our fixation with putting people on pedestals in society. Please share if you feel it has any...

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Posted By on Dec 6, 2012

The two most common types of people I meet when it comes to Taking Action or not, are the following: 1. The Procrastinator – The person who thinks they are lazy or put off the next step for some internal mental reason. Personally I think this is BS and comes from a place of pure judgment. It smells of a) I am not good enough or b) I am broken. 2. The Perfectionist – The person who needs to know the outcome before they take that step. They need their ducks in a row but not just any row. The row needs to be perfectly aligned before they make that move. These two types of people will always suffer from a lack of clarity in life. Why? Because they are not in touch with their own internal guidance system, their intuition. In this video I invite you to put aside the need to know and trust a little more. IF YOU LIKE, PLEASE...

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Back to Your Future

Posted By on Oct 10, 2012

“People who only look forward, are blind” – Philip McKernan People who are always moving, always busy and don’t stop, are running from something. Whether that’s something in their past or something in their reality, they think if they keep moving they will stay ahead. Wrong! Despite that fact that there is little logic to this, when you stop and look back you can actually see further. Our stories leave clues which remain uncovered unless we look for them. In this video I try to explain the importance of looking (not lingering) in your past and how it will affect your future. PLEASE SHARE IF YOU...

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The Pursuit of Perfection

Posted By on Sep 25, 2012

Q. What do Lexus and Olympic Athletes have in common? A. They both mistakenly pursue perfection! For many this makes no sense. Surely the pursuit of perfection stretches us to be the best we can be in that area. Surely giving up on the notion of perfection in a certain area of life is in some way defeatist and therefore a giving up on that area as a result. Wrong! As you know I love to question the norm and having sat with the notion of perfectionism (which by the way we all have within us), I am seeing it a little differently. In this video I will attempt to give you a different perspective on being perfect and challenge you to ‘let go’ a little of the pressure and scarcity that drives us to chase perfect. Ironically if we can let go a little we will ease more into a place of flow and in turn achieve better results in that area. This video was inspired by my experience at the London Olympics this summer. Please share this video if you like...

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