Don’t ever underestimate the power of what you can accomplish in a day, the power you can bring to the world in a day, or how much impact you can have on a single person in just one day. It’s true Rome wasn’t built in a day. But I’m not talking about building a country here, I’m talking about changing the world for perhaps a single person. One day at a time. So I ask you, what difference can you really make in someone else’s life in just one day? Well, it might surprise you… To Learn More… If you’re looking to learn about more about Give and Grow – 2015 India, I invite you to do so by clicking...

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Finding Meaning In Your Life

Finding Meaning In Your Life

Posted By on Aug 5, 2014

I was interviewed recently about my new book and finding meaning in YOUR LIFE. In the interview Barry McDonagh and I talk about the difference between Passion and Meaning and how excitement can confuse us. Here is the audio of the interview. More info on Barry and his work can be found at...

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Posted By on Sep 25, 2013

Many people believe in the power of positive thinking but personally I believe it’s overrated and is not enough to create a fundamental and lasting change in someone. In this video I share my passion/frustration at the way in which people expect to be happy in todays world but without putting in the necessary action to achieve it. Please share this message if you see value in it....

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Posted By on May 22, 2013

Many people often confuse the difference between Passion & Excitement and often assume they are living their passion. Yet often what they do is simply more exciting than what they did before. This can then lead people to settle for what they have currently in their life. On top of that Ego often gets in the way and we allow our Ego to drive our aspirations which often leads to unauthentic pursuits. In this video Philip opens up this conversation so you can continue it at...

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