Maybe you have decided its time to take on a coach to guide you in your personal or professional life.  Or maybe you are thinking of becoming a coach or mentor to others. Either way, the role of a coach or mentor in someones life is a key one and picking the right coach for you, is critical. Here are some things to consider as you begin to explore the...

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Posted By on Feb 12, 2014

A casual conversation with my good friend Matt Lutz from LA and his business partner Len. Enjoy! We discuss the subject of Mindset, Mental Roadblocks and introduce what I call SoulSet. Please Share.

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Posted By on Nov 10, 2013

As you know I rarely post videos outside of the ones I do myself. This one hit me hard emotionally and the lesson for me was a reminder of something we tend to ignore at home with our own kids. The part that hit me is the young kid towards the end called Justice Miller and how his vulnerability should be a reminder to us all of how powerful it can be despite the fact that one might think his comment does not show him in a great light. I disagree as my admiration for this young man shot through the roof when he admitted his more self centred approach to life. Vulnerability should be something we encourage and cultivate in our kids. How do we do that? That piece is simple (but not easy). WE SHOW OUR OWN...

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Posted By on Mar 29, 2012

With the US Masters kicking off today in the U.S. Tiger’s biggest challenge is not the rest of the field but rather an inner demon that he has yet to put to bed. On Top of that I wonder WHY the wheels came off in the first place in his personal life? When you are not doing what you love it will haunt you somewhere in your life. Does Tiger Woods hate Golf or Himself? Is there any part of this story that YOU can relate to? PLEASE take a moment to make a comment below or share this...

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