The Retreat

Know Your Why

Retreat to Ireland to experience our SoulSet™ process where you will be supported to explore and unearth Your Why.

Our brave work helps people answer 3 crucial questions:

Why am I really here?
What is my deeper purpose?
How can I make a real impact?

The journey starts with BraveSoul.

We host clients at our castle in the West of Ireland, located in a very special place called the Burren.

The Burren is ecologically distinct, featuring limestone bedrock formed over 340 million years ago and home to a unique combination of flora and fauna. This strangely beautiful place has a mystique that makes your senses come alive. Much like the SoulSet™ journey, while raw and unapologetic, reveals a deeper, inherent power.

The Burren is renowned for Celtic myth, folklore, archaeology, art and poetry. It’s a place full of contradictions, the perfect location to host our work, helping people to discover, connect, realign and get clarity.

Life often falls short in fulfilling a deeper sense of meaning and unlived potential.

While the experiences and inspiring location all add to the journey, we are here to do really powerful work that has been carefully crafted and woven into the overall experience to unlock truth from within.

Going deep into your origin story allows us to uncover how it has shaped your life today. It provides clarity on both conscious and subconscious patterns.

It’s not about the person you are today, or the life you have created, because this life often falls short in fulfilling a deeper sense of meaning and unlived potential. It’s more about helping you achieve a profound sense of fulfillment and satisfaction by creating deeper self-awareness and alignment.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I’ve tasted success and focused on making money. Now I’m ready to focus on meaning. It’s time. It’s my time.

I’ve done good work, yet still have a deep sense that my greatest work has yet to emerge and ask, now what?.

I’ve experienced an inflection point, a major milestone or a life-altering event, triggering a deep sense of unease or curiosity.

Our no bullshit approach has depth, it’s raw, it’s real and it’s not for everyone. It requires people to embark on a courageous journey, to evolve from a purely intellectual and mindset-based perspective to a SoulSet™ state of being.

This allows a fresh narrative to emerge, one that resonates deeply with your essence and purpose. We must embark on a journey, into your past, present, and future, to connect with your unique story and begin to uncover your greatest gift.

Real, loving, passionate and humble.

We will introduce you to our friends who will inspire you and make you feel welcome.

They are part of our team on the ground in Ireland. They will move you with their singing, their raw unwavering love for the land and their beautiful Irish wit. By the end of the week, these amazing people, will also be your friends.

We Are Not For Everyone. But Neither Are You.

Where will the experience take place?

The experience will be held in the heart of the Burren in County Clare on Ireland’s west coast amidst breathtaking landscape, drenched in history, with human-made structures dating back 5,600 years, before the Pyramids were even an idea!

You will be staying in a tiny fishing village on the rugged coastline where you will mingle with the locals. Philip’s ancestors have lived in County Clare for hundreds of years and it is the place Philip has always visited for inspiration throughout his life.

What’s included?

  • 6-Day Program delivered by Philip McKernan
  • 6 Nights accommodation in traditional thatched cottages
  • Your own private room
  • Transport from a central location to the West Coast
  • Local ground transport in Co.Clare
  • 2 meals a day
  • Cultural experiences
  • BraveJournal
  • Unique gifts

How do I get there and what do I bring?

Once you are booked in, all of the necessary details from travel arrangements to what to pack will be provided.

Is there a specific itinerary?

BraveSoul is a time to take space, connect with yourself and unlock your SoulSet™. There will be sessions with Philip, stunning hikes on 5000-year-old paths, as well as reflective time alone. Philip will guide you through a week of self-discovery and take you to a place where you will be more in touch with your SoulSet™, the essence of who you are. Only Philip knows the exact itinerary, so make sure you come with an open mind, and be ready for safe and wonderful “surprises” during your 6-day experience.

How do I best prepare for BraveSoul?

Clear the deck for the need for people to contact you and you contacting them. Ideally, you don’t use your phone or any technology during the week. We will take photos of you/for you, so you can be fully present. Arrive in Ireland a day or two beforehand and try to allow for a few days at the end to ease back into life.

How many people will be at the experience?

The group will be 16-18 people only.

Do I have to share in the group?

We put a huge emphasis on confidentiality and keeping people feeling safe. So no, you don’t have to share, but we do ask you come with a curious mind and an open heart.

What happens after attending the experience?

The work we will do is very powerful. It’s less about what you do after the experience and more about what you become during the week. That said, we have designed a simple but engaging integration program to support you after the live experience.

Part 1 – Integration Pod Call

You and 2/3 others from your experience will connect approximately 2 weeks after the live experience.

Part 2 – Private Group Call with Philip

Philip will host a post group call discussion. He will share some insights to help support you integrate the work into your life and your life into the work on returning home. This will take place approximately 4 – 6 weeks after the event.

Part 3 – Ongoing BraveClan Calls

You will be invited into the ongoing monthly BraveClan calls where you will get to meet and hear from other Brave People.

How will I know if BraveSoul is for me?

Apply and go through the exploration process enabling us to help you answer that question. If you feel drawn to the experience, then we encourage you to trust your instinct. But sometimes it’s not a fit, and thats ok. Afterall……..We Are Not For Everyone. But Neither Are You.

Philip is the Tom Brady of what he does…

Mike B.

Let’s do this! If now is your time and you are ready to gift yourself and the people you love what BraveSoul can offer, then add yor details and we’ll be in touch with the next step.

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