Clarity Bootcamp

How to get clear and make an aligned decision


What are the key takeaways?

This is what you’ll gain from this experience:

  • #1 – Clarity on a current challenge
  • #2 – An understanding of patterns that prevent us from gaining clarity.
  • #3 – A framework for getting clear and making better decisions.
Who is this event for?

This experience is suitable for someone who:

  • #1 – Is currently or soon to be in transition
  • #2 – Feels they are out of alignment in some area of their life.
  • #3 – Has to make a decision but they feel stuck
Why should you work with me?

I work with entrepreneurs all over the world, helping them get clear on who they are, what their gift is and how to align with the work they were meant to do.

This experience will help you get clear on the road ahead so you can make better and more authentic decisions consistently.

Identify roadblocks and patterns that get in the way and learn ways to get out of your head and trust your intuition.


Identify and break through the roadblocks (seen and unseen) that hold you back.


Gain intuitive clarity so your decisions are always in alignment with who you are.


Feel the freedom and peace of mind that comes with knowing where you are going.


What’s Included

  • The BraveMind Clarity BootCamp program facilitated by Philip McKernan
  • Light refreshments
  • Live Q&A mentoring sessions with Philip

Upcoming Dates

UK-Feb 2018 (Closed enrollment)

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