It’s a Time to Be Brave

Is this important to you?

  • Being bold and stepping out
  • Showing up in the world unapologetically
  • The possibility that your greatest work is yet to come
  • Turning off the noise and deciding what you want
  • Living your life regret free
  • Making courageous decisions
  • Making a tangible impact on the world

I believe this is the time to be brave. If you do too…then welcome to BraveLife.


Hey there,

I started my Coaching business in the midst of a recession in a country I had just moved to, with the odds stacked against me. 12 years later, my business has thrived – despite the obstacles in my way and the uncertainties I faced. I invite you to step into this time of uncertainty with courage, step into who you are and how you want to show up, in life and in work.

As humans we wait to make change until the pain is bad enough. Some are busy pivoting their businesses, others are scaling back to survive and there are many standing on the sidelines wondering what the hell is going on. I believe this is a time to simplify, align to what’s important and come back to yourself.

BraveLife is designed to support you navigate the current landscape with courage so that you can:

  • get clearer about the path ahead
  • (re)connect to what’s important to you
  • reimagine the work you do
  • simplify your life
  • connect with yourself
  • design your relationship with others

I believe if you can align who you are to your work and your life, you will build the resilience needed to deal with uncertain times. BraveLife is a place to dig deep, be challenged and make change.

I relish the opportunity to serve you!

Be Brave. You Matter.

Philip McKernan

The Work

Movement creates momentum. There is a time to stop and reflect in life. This is not that time.

BraveLife is a group environment where you will be beautifully supported and unconditionally challenged. The transformation triad will form the basis of our work together.

Transformation Triad

Why I have created BraveLife?

From the beginning of time, humans have connected, sat around the fire, told stories and inspired each other. This is why we decided to specialize in live in-person events. Having said that, online gatherings is the best option we have right now and I miss doing what I do best – coaching others. In addition this is a time people need the support the most.

Coaching Structure

  • 6 months Live Online Group Coaching Program
  • Initial Intake form – so we can customize the program to address your challenges
  • Monthly Coaching Workshop
  • Monthly Coaching integration and Q&A call

BraveLife will be delivered over 6 months (note: calls will be recorded and provided to you after each call)

Our first call, a 75 minute workshop takes place on September 8th, 2022

Our next call, a 45 minute Q&A/integration call takes place on September 22nd, 2022

The Time of each call is:

  • 8am PST – US/Canada West Coast
  • 11am EST – US/Canada East Coast
  • 4pm BST – Ireland/UK
  • 7pm GMT+4 – Dubai


  • Total Investment: $2,995 + tax  (Tax not applicable to Business Customers outside of Ireland.  Tax @ 23% applicable to Irish businesses and personal clients)

A notebook

Good internet access – called held via Zoom

A headset


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

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It’s a Time to Be Brave

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