School Workshops

Have Philip Deliver a Workshop at Your School.

As part of Philip’s contribution, he brings his highly interactive, entertaining and impactful workshops into High Schools.

The purpose of these workshops is to inspire and grow the foundational skills of confidence and self esteem in young people aged 15 – 18. Due to the nature of Philip’s schedule he is only available to deliver a small number of school workshops in Vancouver or other cities where Philip has a speaking engagement.

The Concept – Youth For Youth

Philip will run the workshop and charge a small fee ($10) per student and 100% of this goes directly to a youth project. The students are given 100% ownership for the project they have contributed to, and this in turn exposes them to contribution directly.

If you’re interested in Philip running a workshop at your school, simply contact us and let us know!


“The written feedback we got from our students was overwhelmingly positive. The more informal feedback was equally affirmative.

Several weeks later, students still continue to cite this workshop as being a prime motivator on their journey towards the Leaving Certificate. I would have no hesitation in recommending Philip to other schools.”

~ Sharon McGrath, Guidance Counsellor, Castleknock Community College, Ireland.

“This was a brilliant workshop and I’m 100% sure that it will help me as I go through life.”

~ Eoin, Student, Ireland.

“All students should attend this workshop!”

~ Ciaran, Student, Ireland

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