This is the first time I have ever posted another video on my site!

I believe the time has come that the famous, the rich, the successful, the gurus, the olympians, the authors, the speakers, the stars, and the others we have placed on pedestals for years to allow us to see the truth of their lives.

As I have said for years its not that we are mislead by what they are saying but rather mislead by what they are not telling us. This leads millions of people to emulate their hero’s but we only get to see or hear from 50% of the hero.

Then we are left wondering years down the road 1) why am I not happy? 2) why did my hero let me down? 3) is that actually the life I want? 4) is this my dream or someone else’s? 5) is my life truly authentic?

This is not to show they have weaknesses to in some way try and make us feel better, but to allow us to see they are human, just like the rest of us.

Thanks Robert De Niro for being real!


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