The Philip McKernan Apprentice Program



For years I’ve struggled to come to terms with the fact that I do have a gift, without sounding (or feeling) arrogant. The work I do is hard and exhausting, but when you can help someone get to the core of their real issues and play a part in witnessing them becoming more fulfilled in the work they do, deepening their external relationships and growing their personal confidence in what they want, it’s extremely rewarding, and makes it all worthwhile.

With any gift you have a choice. Hold onto it, or open it up and share it.

That’s why the apprentice program was set up.

Each year I select a couple of people whom I feel can benefit and grow by being exposed to my work.

Please note: You cannot apply for this program, you must be invited.

If you are the selected apprentice, you’ll be invited to:

  • Take part in one of the mentoring programs or retreats I run
  • Spend time with me beforehand to set the tone for the experience
  • Take part in the program as a co-facilitator and are encouraged (but not pressured) to add to the program
  • Debrief with me throughout the days to discuss the work and the flow of the experience
  • Ask questions to why and how I work the way I do
  • Get an insider look into my work
  • Play a part in changing peoples lives

In short, nothing. Depending on the experience however, you may incur accommodation, travel and food costs.

We do not expect you to promote us now or in the future.

We ask that you respect my direction and methods, and while you may not always agree there is always method in my madness.

Please remember because of the intimate nature of my work, the apprentice program is only open to as little as two places per year and is not offered on all programs.

If I do not select a person, that does not mean there is something wrong with them. I choose someone based on some simple practical qualifiers, but mainly on my gut feel about them. I protect the room and the clients that choose to work with me and therefore the apprentice has to ‘fit’ with my style.

Some Practical Qualifications Required:

  • Someone who has or is experiencing my work beyond BaseCamp or audio CD’s.
  • Someone who has a REAL interest is assisting others to grow.
  • Someone who has compassion for others.
  • Someone who does NOT believe they have all the answers.

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