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While my work has grown and developed as I have, it’s ultimately supported and inspired by the brave Men and Women who choose to lean into it.

Baring witness to the awe-inspiring changes, life-changing breakthroughs and awesome achievements of my clients has personally changed my life, and is the reason I continue to do what I do.

I believe it changes lives.

And I’m not alone.

Many past clients believe in our work so much, they pay us the ultimate compliment of referring their family, friends, colleagues and peers. In fact, 95% (or more) of our core business is actually from word-of-mouth, and these referrals are the backbone of our business.

We’re extremely grateful for every single referral we get, because we don’t do clever marketing. We don’t offer free donkey rides (yet!). And we don’t make outrageous promises of instant success by way of some secret we found in a dust covered chest that was just discovered after being hidden for 100 years.

We offer authentic personal growth that’s simple in its philosophy, but challenging by nature.

Many companies offer affiliate commissions to existing clients for their referrals. And while that does work for some industries and services, I don’t feel it’s the best approach for what we do.

My work deals with peoples lives, their happiness and their futures.

For this reason I have been reluctant to offer financial reward as I feel it could lead to people pushing our work on others who are not ready. Or marketing us or our work in a way that’s not congruent of aligned with what we do, who we are, or what we stand for.

That said, I do in fact feel it’s important and respectful to acknowledge and reward people who do go out of their way to refer people to us. I feel I have done a poor job of this to date.

With that is mind I’m working on an ‘experience’ where I will be personally inviting a handful of people to join me as a thank you for their belief and support in our work.

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