15 Questions From an 11 Year Old

15 Questions From an 11 Year Old

“The ultimate spiritual journey is
the one taken into your own soul.”

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by an incredibly insightful 11 year old schoolgirl named Maddy.

Her questions were tough and covered a variety of great topics I thought were worth sharing with you:

  • Why I do the work that I do
  • My personal heros
  • My personal goals
  • Significant events that have happened in my life
  • The experiences surrounding the work we do with children in the orphanages
  • How I “check-in” with myself to make sure I’m still on the right track
  • Advice for my children
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • And more

Maddy was kind enough to let me share this interview with you. Enjoy…and PLEASE SHARE!