Boulder, Colorado – April 24-26, 2017



Retreat Guidelines


We are very thorough when it comes to choosing who we invite to one of our retreats. This approach ensures that each and every person who attends is the right fit for our work, which means you’ll be surrounded by people that will enhance your experience.

Part of our Application & Screening Process requires both You and Your Partner to answer the below questionnaire BEFORE this Sunday, March 26th so we can get to know you better, and to also Agree to our following Rules of Engagement:

1. You and Your Partner MUST attend the retreat in its entirety. No exceptions. This is important and meaningful work, and we expect you to approach it accordingly.

2. You and Your Partner MUST be willing to not only physically show up to the retreat, but to be vulnerable and available emotionally and authentically. This retreat is a respectful, invitational and safe environment, but be prepared to go deeper than your normal comfort zone, which is absolutely key to evolving your relationship from good to great.

3. No children will be allowed at this retreat. We urge parents to make arrangements ahead of time for someone to mind your children while you are away. This time away from them working on your relationship with yourself and with your partner is one of the greatest gifts you can ultimately give to your children.

Are You Still In?


Great! Along with Your Partner, please fill out the below application, and we’ll be in touch with you with next steps.

Partner #1


Partner #2