What Our Clan Is Saying

5 min face time with Philip McKernan can open up your emotional part, change your life for better and upgrade your EQ. I love this guy and what he does!

When a selfless person with tremendous skills who cuts through one’s BS like a sword (but with the most beautiful intentions to make you see your TRUE SELF) grabs a mic and gives all that he has, magic happens.

Philip has a unique gift to pull the absolute best out of me to create real and meaningful changes which have ultimately improved my life, relationships, and business.

Philip McKernan is a man who picks me up when I fall, kicks me when I need it, and hugs me when I feel I can’t go on… and for that I’m grateful.

No other Psychologist or Psychiatrist can do what Philip does.  He is truly one of a kind, and has played a significant life-altering role in my life over the last few years.

I have made some big shifts in my life, and although they were scary as hell, I had the help and encouragement of my mentor and friend, Philip McKernan.

I can’t vouch for how attractive he is – because he’s not – but he’s changed my life and the lives of the important people around me more than anyone else I know.

Philip has a real facility for distilling great wisdom into a few simple words that cut right through the fog.  And he’s funny to boot!  Not a common combination

Philip has such a gift and I’ve never had a more stunning, magical, or brilliant time in my life. I feel like a different person and I see a future that never existed before.

I went for business mentoring but came out with much more: Because of the work I’ve done with Philip, I’m a better husband, father and my business has exploded.

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  • Cam McCarroll

Does Your Daily Life Flow How You Want?

Maybe you need more fulfillment from the work you do.

Maybe you’re not happy in your current relationships.

Maybe you’re just not happy with ‘you’ in general.

Regardless of why you’re here, I can mentor you and help you create a life that means something.

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“ I cannot move mountains, but I can help you climb them

~ Philip McKernan